Maybe it's just me but...

Do Dave Mustaine and Vladimir Putin look a like?

Soooo beee it
Seeeeetle the scoooooore
Soviet! Prepare for war.

-James Hetfield, on Vladimir Putin quitting Metallica to return to the KGB.

Because of you, I just read the entire wiki page on Mustaine to refresh my memory of what he’s done.

Megadeth… meh. They’re not bad musically, but their lyrics make it impossible for me to listen to them. They try too hard to be edgy, like… they reach soooo bad for it, lol. It’s unfortunate, because their music would be great without the abysmal lyrics and the “Look at us, we’re so macabre, don’t you think?” band name.

Oh yeah, I agree they look alike, lmao :stuck_out_tongue:


And yes, they look quite similar.

Redcomet, you sir have blown my mind.

Same here. RC, i am impressed. Da!

Actually, that explains a lot about Putin’s behaviour.

Sort of.

Both of them are pretty good rhythm guitar players.

Btw Rust in Peace (not coincidentally, their first album with Marty Friedman) is quite good. I don’t care too much about the rest, apart from the song A tout le monde as the guy is hilarious singing French. He helped Nevermore with their first cd though, which is a plus in my book.

Putin, on the other hand, is an ex-secret service guy who rules a nuclear power and circulates photos of his abs in their 6th decade so that western babes can swoon over them. This is pretty thrash metal.

Peace Sells isn’t bad, either. It’s goofy as hell, but I love it.

Vladimir Putin would probably also beat up James Hetfield if James Hetfield came near Medvevev. Probably pour vodka, instead of beer, on his guitar, though. A pet bear is the Russian equivalent of a pet dog, right?

I love everything up to Youthanasia, after that the albums get from mediocre to just plain bad. Including the new stuff. Although I haven’t heard the recent album which is supposedly a return.

Their best material would have to be Peace Sells and Rust in Peace. I guess you could call it goofy but personally those albums are metal as fuck to me. Dave Mustaine just has this cynical sarcastic feel with his lyrics and vocal delivery. That’s probably the goofiness.

As for the look-a-likes, well Mustaine is apparently of Finnish descent so that might explain it a little bit.

Wow, here comes the “OMG HETFIELD SOLD OUT” comments because Crotanks posted a pic of Hetfield with an Armani bag…

I think Metallica sold out long before then.

And yeah, Putin and Mustaine do look kinda similar

Edit: The “One” parody is hilarious.

My roommate (next door tent neighbor?) says Dave Mustaine was kicked out of Metallica for drinking too much.

They’re great albums, I think. I’d say they’re definitely pretty goofy throughout, but I think it would be hard to make the case that it wasn’t usually on purpose. I mean, he appeared on Duck Dodgers. The sneering, bitter kind of goofiness is great. Wake Up Dead and Peace Sells are hilarious songs.

Vimes: Basically, yeah.

Man, Wake Up Dead is hilarious. Finally someone else has actually read the lyrics! It has some of the best instrument work Megadeth have ever done, but the actual song topic is just ridiculous. Cheating on his woman with another??? hahah the Chorus makes it even better.