May be gone for a while...

Maybe I’ll be gone for a while, maybe not. My Dad has proclaimed that I’m not to go on my computer at home so I can’t do any coursework for school. He wants me to fail, so I can’t get into college and I’ll get a ‘real’ job (in other words, be a builder, like him). Yeah he’s an asshole, so I may not be back for a while. I’m having to type this up from school, I can’t access my e-mail or anything. But anyway, I’ll be back.

I wont miss that avatar.

Man that’s stupid, but there’s people like that. Don’t give up, Gilga, and come back back when you can.

I’d try to get some people together to talk some sense into your father…and I don’t mean any fighting or anything like that. No offense but your father seems he’s missing a few bolts in his head.

Really, he wants you to fail? You sure he doesn’t jsut want you to not go online so you can focus more on your studies? I know you made it pretty clear, but the idea that a father would want his son to fail like that is pretty ubserd to me. If he’s really doing that, talk to your teachers and explain your situation.

You can also tell your dad you had to stay late at school because people want to talk to you about your now-failing grades, and instead go to the library and get online there. Granted it will cut back on your online time a lot anyway, so you may still not have time for RPGC, but at least that way your school work can get done.

I wont miss that avatar.
I wouldn’t miss yours, come to mention it…little overkill. I actually think Gilgamesh’s is unique.

Also, this is an idea I heard here somewhere: when someone has to go away for a while, or even jsut a weekend, people could add the comment to their sig. That way whenever someone look’s at that person’s posts they’ll know where they are. (If anyone notices, it’s the method I’m going to start using for ski trips and the like.)

Sorry to hear that. Hope you’ll be back soon enough, though.

Throw a tomato at him. He deserves it.

Dude, defy him. Tell him if he doesn’t let you use the computer to pass the course then you’ll inform social services and the education authorities. Don’t let him fuck up your life. If you want to get into college, then you do it.

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I wouldn’t miss yours, come to mention it…little overkill. I actually think Gilgamesh’s is unique.
yeah, unique. oh hey, whats this? my old avatar? I had it first? I INVENTED THE AWFULLY DRAW AVATARS! well, seph252 did, but he meant to make it good, and just sucked. this one meant to suck, just like gilgfaces sucks.