Matrix Online: Teh Betas
yeah beta signups are open for anyone interestested.

I signed up, although I doubt I’ll be selected. Sounds interesting…

To be considered as a potential beta tester, applicants will need to meet the following requirements:

<ul><li>Live in the U.S. or Canada.</li></u>

sighs<!-- -->

That sucks…I never read any of that stuff lol Sign up anyhow, there’s always the chance they don’t check IPs.

They’ll have to ship the game though :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t they contact you and such? I couldn’t care for it anyway.

I hope not…they said they’d contact you by email, I gave out my address, but put a fake phone number. I don’t want people calling my house.

I put in the phone number of the traced call in the first Matrix movie. :smiley:

I sure as hell live in the US or Canada!

>> this game kind of looks stupid <<