Matrix 1 or 2?

You decide.

The first one was semi-inspiring. The second one was… not. Really, at all.

I was never a big fan of either matrix movies, but I say the first one was better. Shoulda let it die when it still had a message… damn you film industry!


Anyone with sense will vote The Matrix(1) as after seeing Reloaded twice I really never want to see it again. Ever.

The Matrix was easily better for so many reasons. It was original, it was a little inspiring, it was very creative and very out of your seat thrilling for it’s time.

The matrix reloaded didn’t compare at all.

Reloaded sucked. As a sequel and a stand alone :stuck_out_tongue:

Except the Merovingian. The only cool character in the movie now that Morpheus takes the backseat to Neo.

No, no. The second wasn’t quite bad persay. It just suffered from middle child syndrom. Think Empire Strikes Back.

I expect the third movie to bring the series full circle, and maybe help the orphened child (reloaded) some justice.

It’s quite a shame. All that hype about Reloaded…and it just fell flat on its face!:boring:

This is another example where the original pwnz the sequel. The Matrix brought new things (bullet time, for one thing) to the table, but Reloaded brought only one (the Twins) that was memorable.

First one. The second one is just… how to put it… it’s just THERE.

But will Revelations(is that correct?) salvage the franchise that had so much potential lost by Reloaded?

I really hope so.

Personally, I think it was bad as a stand alone, too. The dialogue was boring and most people seemed to want to skip through it for the action, but the action was disappointing, too. The hundred man fight was comical and in most of the fights Neo had, it was too one-sided. Having “To be continued” didn’t help, either.

And I thought Empire Strikes back was good. Not A New Hope good, but still good.

Reloaded was great but the first one was even better:ah-ha!: