Masturbation prevents Prostate Cancer?


Been there done that

Edit: Posted that the same time as you.


btw, if any girls want me to help cure their breast cancer, i’m here for the sqeezin.

Lol Charl.

Should have put prevent instead…

No prostate cancer for me ^^

Originally posted by Charlemagne
Should have put prevent instead…

You’ll be fighting the good fight man. I’m with you all the way. We should open a clinic.

I’ve been preventing prostate cancer since you’ve been born.

WTF? Shin? You’re not older than anybody, that sentance didnt make sense.

i think this has been known for a while.

just think of all the boys christianity has killed.

Goes off to prevent prostate cancer


It doesn’t have to Charl, it doesn’t have to.

<strike>doesn’t</strike>signs up for the clinic

Originally posted by Cala
<strike>doesn’t</strike>signs up for the clinic

Women don’t get prostate cancer. -_-

Cyber, read up to Charl and Caleb’s posts. They weren’t talking about prostates.



(take that any way you want to in this thread >>)

sews CC back together

Oh, and if you happen to have a tentacle after the sewing, I don’t know where that came from.

I’ll help search for it…

Yeah, I won’t be getting prostate cancer for sure.