Mass Effect

The gameplay FUCKING SUCKS.

I’m in Noveria and everything is fucking killing me and I have to redo every fight like 7 fucking times.



Where are you on Noveria, and what class are you playing as?

Finally got her. Wow. I’m a Vanguard, I was at the last fight of Noveria. Note to others: don’t do it as your first world.

Oh, yeah- that’d be incredibly rough as the first world to go to. I generally do Liara->Feros->Noveria. The fight’s always annoying since you can basically be instantly killed if a crate gets dropped on you or something in the first few seconds.

My main problem was if I didn’t do the right little dance, I got repetitively knocked down by the warps they cast and killed before I could get up. Then when that worked, I’d manage to get people and randomly I’d get 1 shot in the middle of the fight. This is simply bad design on part of Bioware, they should’ve balanced the worlds so that they’d match your levels instead of dumping a surprise on you.

The enemies do scale to your level, but at low levels Benezia has a rather large advantage due to the formula they use to determine how strong she is. At least it autosaves after the first part of the fight.

I’m a Soldier and I’m having a wonderful time. And I hate FPS on consoles. I’m on Veterant too.

Ok now that I’m not on Noveria I’m raping everything. Barrier + shield boost + shotgun = op.

Edit: I just finished virimire. Mass Effect redeemed itself. That was pretty fucking cool. Overall I find that as a Vanguard I need to use up my powers as much as I can and if I don’t, I get raped.

This is (I believe) Bioware’s first game since EA bought them. Coincidence? I think not. Everything EA touches seems to wither and decay, because everyone I’ve talked to has considered it a huge disappointment. I’m giving it a shot next week.

Mass Effect’s been in production for years before EA acquirement which just finished this month so you can’t really fault EA for whatever shortcomings the game has.

Yeah, as a Vanguard you have to use and abuse your powers to succeed. That’s, y’know, kind of the point of the class, really. As a Soldier, it’s pretty smooth with an assault rifle.

Also. The ony thing I have to say against Mass Effect is the…meh, tons of explorable planets. They’re all blands and most of the side missions around are also kinda meh. The scavenger hunts are also kinda eh.

But has anybody found that ship floating in space full of traps and that crazed biotic chick yet?

Yes I found that Lunaris.

And spamming the powers is cool, but its so impractical to do. I can this on the PC with an interface like WoWs and really being a lot smoother. When you spam your powers though, it is really unbalanced. You’re unkillable and the shotgun blows up even the toughest enemies. When that’s not enough, you do warp, which makes the enemy take 60%+ more damage and then you shoot up his face and he dies instantly.

On the topic of all the side shit, I find that it is all very useless and uninteresting. I’m not someone that likes to go on collection quests like hunting rare unfindable things in single player games (multiplayer is another story). If something doesn’t add any substance to the story, I’m not too keen to put effort into it and I’ll definitely play accordingly in the future. Playing mars rover gets boring fast.

Has anyone played anything other than Soldier and Vanguard? I’m interested to know how the other classes play out.

I’ve played Infiltrator and Adept. Adept was ridiculously broken considering you can eventually keep Barrier up almost all the time and lift and warp tend to basically be 1 shot deaths to enemies. Warp was killing Krogan before they got to me on Hardcore.

Infiltrator was fun with the sniper rifles which are pretty broken. The tech skills are pretty nice- especially Sabotage since you can keep enemies from being able to attack you for a bit.