Marvelous Cuisines of the World by Ren, part I: Smoked Meat from Moscow

Today I’ll present a delicatesse from Russia.

The largest country of the world’s gastronomy is known throughout the world for its beverage, but we tend to forget their culinary tradition. To make up for that, I unearthed one of their very old courses of table.

The recipe is pretty simple. For this plate you will need:

[li]A cow
[/li][li]A large amount of pot


Feed the cow with pot for a few days. Then serve the cow in any way you wish.

Suggestions from the chef: Serve with sweets, for hemp is known to increase hunger. Also, this is one recipe in which the brain of the animal can be eaten.

That is all for today, folk’s. But stay tuned! Next time I might tell you guys of the infamous fishburger!

uhhh… why?

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(not to be a jerk)

You kinda left out the only part worth reading: how does it taste?

Man, I thought that you were talking about beef borscht – my favorite kind of soup. But milk with an extra vitamin/additive sounds good enough.

Agriculture officials said they had no idea if anyone would beef about subtle changes in the milk once the cows got into the spiked weed-feed.

In communist Russia, smoked meat eats you.