Marvel vs EA?

I thought the versus series was over, but according to my friend, there is going to be another game in the series. Its called “Marvel VS EA - Rise of the Imperfects”, and is in 3D. Now, this just sounds too retarded to be true (and versus in 3D?). Would Capcom (or whoever owns it) give up the versus franchise to EA? And EA making a fighting game? wtf? Who is in it, John Madden?

Is this true? I can’t seem to find any info on it. God i hope not. MvC2 is just too good to be tarnished by this crap.

Quite true. EA is making a set of new characters their own. And ‘rise of the impervects’ refers to the Marel characters, showing how much Gall EA has. At the PA forums we had some screenshots, that while technically not bad looking, didn’t show much inspiration otherwise. Sorry I can’t find the screens again, I’ll take a look for them later on.

I’m pretty sure Capcom no longer owns the video game rights to Marvel characters. So, if that’s so, EA could possibly have bought them. However, it would be funny to see Spidey take on Mike Vick in a VS game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the point of the “VS” series was to watch your favorite characters beat up each other. So isn’t creating new characters just for this game completely negating it’s purpose?

I read about this not long ago is really not a Marvel VS EA game,the game is based on a small miniseries that is coming to the marvel comics,not to long from now,were the superheroes battle a team created by a scientist,the team is called the Imperfects.It doesn’t look so bad but I will wait and see.

The comic is based off the game, or at the very least, the new characters are at least designed by EA themselves. So in a sense it still is Marvel VS EA.

Forget EA, I can’t wait for Sammy vs Capcom.

Please don’t call it Sammy, it makes my childhood cry.

Sure, except that’s what it’s called.

Yea right. Sammy fucking rocks, they have 3 of the greatest game makers ever all in one house. Its like the triforce, Sega Sammy and SNK. I can’t wait to see what crazy crossovers comes out of that.


What else would you call it? They’ve been called Sammy for over a decade… O_o

Anyway, as far as this Marvel vs. EA thing goes, Capcom hasn’t held the rights to make a Marvel game in years. They had to specially lease them just to rerelease MvC2 on XB and PS2. Activision was believed to hold all Marvel rights, but apparently EA researched it and found that no one held the rights to a Marvel fighting game, and since it worked so well for Capcom, they decided to tap that franchise (cause, honestly, EA only knows how to make franchise games and sports games).

o_O Has anything about MvC3 been announced? 'Cause i just found <a href=“;News_ID=4402”>this</a> when i googled “marvel versus series”

That looks really fake.

If I recall, Capcom had at one point announced an MvC3, but when they lost the Marvel license, they tried retooling the game to just be a Capcom All-Stars mega brawler. Then they scrapped the project, then they started over fresh, and I believe that Capcom Fighting Evolution was the end result. I could be wrong, but that’s what I remember happening.

Spider Man vs Random Snowboard Guy
Wolverine vs Random Football Guy

Man, this game is going to be off the fucking hook.

Watch out when John Madden, Harry Potter, Aragorn, and Car team up to take down the Fantastic Four. That’ll be a killer.

Car’s gonna OWN that fucking game. Y’know Cable in MvC2, Car’s gonna be just like that, only 10 times better.

Just wait until you install the nitro booster in that mother. Then this game is over.