Marvel Vs. Capcom

This game is exceptional in several ways, and I’m sure that some people around here also like it. So, I was wondering… which characters do you use most of the time? Since I’ve been playing Street Fighter 2 since my early years, I usually pick Ryu. The other characters I use are Mega Man and Roll (since I checked gamefaqs for the secret character codes, that is), and sometimes I even use Chun Li. My teams are usually these:

1- Ryu / Mega Man
2- Roll / Ryu
3- Roll / Mega Man
4- Ryu / Chun Li
5- Chun Li / Mega Man

Personally, I think Mega Man can be very good if properly used. His size makes him very useful against Onslaught, and the Mega Buster can keep enemies at bay. His specials are about as good as Ryu’s.
Ryu is versatile, with the right moves for most situations and since he can use two additional styles in this game (Ken and Evil Ryu / Akuma’s), he can be even more dangerous. Getting him and Mega Man in the same team and then using the Team Attack can end many matches unless they can be blocked or the attack can be countered with a lucky shot.
Chun Li is even better here than in the Street Fighter games I’ve seen. Although I don’t use her much, I know she can hit hard, slip through enemy defenses and finish them off very quickly.
Now Roll… she’s half of Mega Man’s size, and that means Onslaught’s beam attack will hardly hit her. She can be a bit difficult to master, but she’s well worth the effort.

Of all the cross-over games, I play Marvel vs Capcom the least, since it’s the only one our local arcades don’t have.

When I do get a chance to play it though, I don’t really have “teams” as much as I have characters I like to use. Zangief, Jin, Ryu, and Strider are the 4 I almost always choose from.

<img src=“”> I usually go with Strider/Ryu. Strider is just, well, GOOD and cool, and Ryu is pretty easy to get the hang of.

Any comments about easy mode will be met by a swift blow to the head.

I generally use Mega Man. And possibly Spiderman, Ryu, Chun Li, and Morrigan are there as well. Oh, and I’m given to understand that repeatedly using MM’s mega buster only is about as annoying as a Zerg Rush in Starcraft.

Jin and Gambit= Pwnage

BBHood > all.

I can go through most of the game with just her. So usually the back up characters i use dont matter.

Marvel Vs Capcom is kinda broken. It’s also a lot slower and aesthetically unnapealing compared to all the rest of the games. Personally, I don’t often enjoy games that aren’t balanced…and I have to say that MvC is one of those games. The only really balanced crossover is Marvel SuperHeroes Vs Street Fighter. X-Men Vs Street Fighter can be alright to play sometimes, but it’s more broken than MvC1, that’s for sure :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have any real favorite characters or teams in that game, although I do wonder why Hulk is so pathetic there.

Ken-Ryu and Gambit are my more fun combination of characters. Marvel vs Capcom 2 is even cooler.

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Marvel vs Capcom 2 is even cooler.

Baaah. I hate MvsC2. Its such a spaz-a-thon that you can just jam on random buttons and somehow do a massive special.

Personally i find SVC Chaos to be the best crossover. Not that im biased or anything.

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Originally posted by d Galloway
I don’t have any real favorite characters or teams in that game, although I do wonder why Hulk is so pathetic there.

I find Hulk annoying. Maybe it’s just because of my mood lately, but the last few times I faced him I got so pissed I kept switching Ryu to Akuma’s techniques and hammering him with Tenma Gou Zankus until he dropped.

Mega Man and Roll take a while to master, but I still find it amusing to see huge opponents getting trashed by such harmless-looking little things.

I’ve only played the game a few times but I like the combination of Mega Man and Chun-Li.

Marvel vs. Capcom is my favorite in the series. I’m not sure where the balance comments are coming from; there were bad characters, true, but most were of a similar caliber. No one stood out as unstoppable, or even the best. Anyway, in my opinion, it had the best characters and the best balance between traditional combat and super-movish fighting. MvC2 is too flashy and out of control for a player to develop as much skill. The other games were great, although, aside from in MvC, the difficulty in single-player was laughable.

I use Strider Hiryuu and Ryu. Manual sword combos are pretty cool.