Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects

My cousin just picked this up for XBox and I got to try it.

The gameplay is not terribly atypical of the genre, but it’s still quite fun, and you have a nice variety of characters to choose from. And the versus mode is a hoot and a half. Worth a rental, if nothing else.

When the inevitable X-box price drop occurs after the 360 release I will finally pick one up. The only reason I have hesitated thus far is that there are very few (Less than 10) games on its entire lifespan that had me interested and were exclusives. THe only game off the top of my head I really want is Ninja Gaiden Black which is getting even better reviews than the orignal X-Box Ninja Gaiden.

I’ve heard nothing but bad stuff about this game, and I don’t even play fighters. Everywhere I go it’s just bitch bitch bitch. I’ll pass on that rental <_<

Funny how they picked all characters that have been in movies recently. Oh, wait, no it isn’t.