Marvel Civil War Appreciation Station

For those of you not in the know, Marvel has a series running right now in its universe that is more or less something considerably earth shattering: A fucking civil war.
I’m not one for comics, but I heard my friends talking about it and borrowed a few of their books. Holy shit this is awesome. It’s possible to just jump into the series without having too much prior knowledge, as well. They explain or at least give you a place to look for everything that happens prior to this series. Now I’m sitting here waiting for the next issue to come out.

If you haven’t read all the ones out thus far, don’t click on this:


Who else is reading/following this?

edit: a better synopsis
Civil war is Marvel’s new crossover event. It’s a 7 part series with tie ins to the New Avengers, Amazing Spiderman, Wolverine, and a few others. A bill has come up in congress that would force super heros to register with the government so that if they screw up and people die they can be held accountable for it. Super Heros have been split down the middle as to what side they support, with Captain America leading the anti registration side and Iron Man leading the pro registration side. After an incident in Stamford Conneticut where the New Warriors were trying to catch a group of villians. The attack goes bad and Nitro causes a large explosion killing approximately 600 people, of which approximately 60 were kids from a local school. The public is furious and is blaming all the heros who have helped them for so long. They want someone to take accountability, thus the registration.

Welcome to 3 months ago. Civil War has been promoted in sigs all over the internet already. Once again you’re late.

Though it’s a pretty cool series I guess. I’m waiting for it to be finished before reading it all.

I really like it. It’s far more compelling than House of M and about a billion times better than Infinite Crisis (although to be fair just about everything ever is better than Infinite Crisis).

I hate Marvel’s trend of having all their heroes unmask and reveal their identities to the public at large. :expressionless:

Can you get this shit at Barnes and Noble?

I think you might be able to, Sorc.
I go with my friends to this little hole in the wall to get their comics, though =\

and td, I don’t follow comics at all. I’m really not suprised i’m this far behind

Me neither.

X-Men has a fundamentalist Christian/human rights group going against them. In one issue they crucified some of the students on the mansion’s lawn

Probably not, bookstores don’t usually carry comics unless they’ve been put in a larger collection book.

Indigo still has a small rotating comic rack.

I hate Marvel’s trend of having all their heroes unmask and reveal their identities to the public at large. :expressionless:
Well, it has been 30-40 years of continuity. At some point it was bound to happen and it sort of makes sense for these characters to change and not stay chained to status quoism. Also Marvel has the Ultimate universe now, which features all the old secret identities for those characters who warrant them.

that was during Grant Morrison’s excellent run on New X-Men a few years back. Unfortunately a lot of the changes he did got written over just months after his run ended.

and Civil War is going to be fucking great. It’s written by Mark Millar, my favorite creative force in comics. This is the same guy who has Magneto forcing the nude President to kneel before him in the opening issues of Ultimate X-Men, who has The Authority assaulted by a corporate consortium rather than a political assailant, and who’s Wanted series theorizes that there used to be superheroes – but they lost to the “villains”. I don’t think there’s anyone who writes better action dialogue right now and why he isn’t doing Hollywood screenplays is beyond me.

“I don’t fuck goats … I make love to them.”

as an aside, Grant Morrison the comic book write is one of the coolest guys ever. Here’s something from Mark Millar in an interview talking about his first experiences with him:

I was intimidated, but I thought Grant was a bit mad. He was going through his ‘Bizarro persona’ at the time. Did you ever hear about that? As a shamanic exercise, he purposely said the precise opposite of everything he meant for six entire months and broke his vocabulary down into “Me am not want drink of Vodka”, etc. It was very, very fucking scary, and his girlfriend of some years had a breakdown during the course of the exercise. He was a good sort, though, and we hit it off almost immediately thanks to my sterling knowledge of Silver Age DCs.

I love Grant Morrison. I love The Invisibles, especially. His work in chaos magick is pretty damned interesting to read as well.

Oh, and if you like Morrison, Merlin, you might like Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis. That’s quite possibly my second favorite next to The Invisibles (the third being Sandman by Gaiman).

As for Civil War, I’m going to wait for it to come out in trade paperback. Don’t think it won’t. Note that this is still a pretty big thing for me, because I usually despise superhero comics (excepting Batman and the ones involving Superman’s death + return… the first time, at least).

you should read either The Authority (Ellis did the first run, Millar did the second); since it’s an at-times sarcastic look at superheroes; or Nextwave (also by Ellis) because it’s sort of a sarcastic look at The Authority.

also, I saw Morrison speak at a convention once, and he touched upon his chaos magick and Novelty theory. Novelty theory is kind of interesting, in an unscientific way:

The Civil War rocks. And i still can’t believe Spiderman’s Pro-registration

He kinda doesn’t really have a choice. It’d be worse for MJ and aunt may if he went fugitive. Plus he made the oath with Stark.

The overall Spidey mythos has been tarnished so badly starting with the Clone Saga all those years ago, it’s not even funny.

I blame JMS for putting Flash Thompson on a wheelchair and making Eddie Brock commit suicide. Jerk. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the new Venom Symbiote dude is Scorpion :o