I should have posted this the day before yesterday. By then, or yesterday - I can’t remember - Mars reached it’s position that’s closest to Earth for the first time in 60.000 years. You might say this should happen every two years, but due to periodic orbit changes, this kind of thing only happens every some other millenia and this week it happened.

Anyway, Mars is still quite bright, brighter than Sirius in the sky. It looks like a big red non-twinking star (reminds me of Lavos) and Moon passes close to it every night. So if you like astronomy and you didn’t know it yet, enjoy it while it’s still full moon, for the two objects shining in the sky together is a really beautiful thing to see.

Red star…FALL! Stain the earth…RED!

That ain’t Mars, puny mortals! Prepare to bear witness to the apocolypse! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Er, I mean…

Whoo, Mars! ^_^;

I saw it last night :slight_smile: Very cool… even with the city lights I got to see it.

Alas, the nights have been cloudy for a few days over here. Maybe we’ll get lucky in a few days… if it’s still sightable!

Haven’t seen it yet. (Though I’d love to.)

So it’s that close now…

Truly a sight worth seeing.

makes me think of the Upcoming Apocalypse according the White Wolf game company.

Anyway, 've seen it, and it’s pretty.

If my luck is in it’s usual state: I won’t be able to see it from my location. And, in any case, the sky is cloudy.

Stupid bad luck.

Goddamn sky, stoppingmy stargazing.

I would have loved to see it, but unfortunately cluds thwarted me again. One day I shall control the Weather, but for now I am upset.