I always thought gay marriage (which I have nothing against) would always be accepted before interspecies marriage (which I am totally against). Doesn’t seem so…


Alright, it was not a major, important country in nowadays affairs. And they never mentioned gay marriage in the post and news. But think of it. If I remember it well, those guys are mostly muslims, and really hardcore at it. They would never accept homossexual marriage. But interspecies marriage is OK to them, or at least they have a legal base to make it so.

Imagine that it becomes commonplace in Sudan, maybe because of all the reasons Scott Adams cites. And then it spreads around neighbouring countries. Now let’s wonder if someday someone from one of those places might end up in Europe or America. If he did a goat, or any other animal for that matter, and then he tried to engage it in marital status… I think there would be some court that would try and stop him. But what if he says it’s not only legal in his country, it’s also part of his religion’s rituals?

At least in US, doing something because your religion tells you to is quite easy to pass as legal. Yeah, the rastafari can’t smoke marijuana legally in US even though it’s their holy herb, but let’s not forget that a few years ago a girl who was sick and could easily be cured by medical treatment was denied it and died because her parents believed God didn’t want her to be “treated by science”. Also, if the animal is already owned by the fictional guy I’m talking about, this isn’t harming any (other) human being, and could even be considered by some as slightly less bad than killing the goat for food.

In brief, I am totally moraly against this kind of bestiality, but I am proposing a situation in which I wouldn’t have legal arguments to keep a guy from marrying a goat. So, please, someone with more legal understading than me, help me come up with something to stop the virtual goat humper.

What I wondered is, can he eat the goat (literally)? Council of Elders, brrr…

As long as the goat seems down with it, go for it, man. Live and let live, marry and let marry.

Otherwise PETA’s gonna have a field day.

I’ve heard of a similar event in what I believe was modern day India where a woman married a Snake of some kind. (I forget the details)

I’m not quite sure what to say beyond, wow, I’m really weirded out now. I hope that this doesn’t spread, ew.

As an aside, gays shouldn’t be permitted to marry. The more outcast homosexuals are, the more they will need to contribute their aesthetic supremacy to the arts in order to survive.

Also, I read recently a very funny comment in the National Review magazine (which I read for the funnies). It went “many have commented that gays don’t want marriages so much as weddings.” What a divine utterance.

Actually, that decision goes against the Koran. It’s written that if a man has sex with an animal, the animal must be burned after the act, and its milk and flesh cannot be used. And no, I am NOT kidding on this one.

But that’s not the point - the real breakthrough here has to do with how families are formed. If I’m at the streets with my children and a human-animal couple passes by, I’m covering the kids’ eyes. And I don’t care if people call me non-liberal for that.

You speciesist!

Covering their eyes is kinda ridiculous. Like, actually physically coevering they eyes in the middle of the street? Because a guy is walking aorund with a goat? I mean, how can you tell he’s not just a naturally affectionate farmer?

Update - the goat wife has died ;_;

So when will the custody battles start?

What, the child wasn’t even a half-goat?!? Lord, the embarrassment to the proud husband!