Marlon Brando to Star in... Superman 3???

But isn’t he, like, DEAD?

I’m sure some of you have heard the rumor that they were using images of Marlon Brando (as Jor-El) from the first Superman movie in SUPERMAN RETURNS. Well, now it’s been confirmed:

It seems they’ll use unused footage to create a new Jor-El scene.

Some people think this is exploitative and disrespectful (and sets a bad precedent) but on the other hand (according to movie gossip) Brando was a Set Diva who tried to NOT appear in person in the movie, but merely record his lines and be represented by a light or something. If true, then this is really ironic.

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PS: The reason I refer to this movie as “Superman 3” is because (according to another rumor) it’s a direct sequel to Superman 2- ignoring S3 and 4, which most people agree, were awful.)

If so then Clark Kent is gonna die fat and ugly in a tropical island. It runs in the family.

What are you rebelling about?

There’s a trailer for Superman: Returns before the new Harry Potter movie, and it looks pretty bad ass. There’s no real footage of anything cool, just some quick little shot; I guess it’s more of a teaser.