Marl Kingdom Plea

This is a petiton asking that NISA (Nippon Ichi Software of America) release a Marl kingdom trilogy stateside. It’s a kick ass series that really got off to a bad start over her intially. ALthough localized the first game in the series, Rhapsody, you can hardly expect an RPG to become an overnight blockbuster with a low production run and the marketing of a barbie game. But now that Nippon Ichi’s got this big reputation as a tactical RPG delevopler and branching out into localization, I think the series would stand a better chance. :kissy:

So ok go here and register an account: :victoly:

Then go here and click “wishlist” then vote for the top link which should read “MarlKingdomTrilogy”: p:unch::

And if you do know a bit about the series or are a fan, please write a comment. I Think a vote pulls more weight when the voter actually writes a little something about why they want to play the games.

I know online petiton’s never work, but since this on is pretty much hosted on the developer’s website signing it certainly couldn’t hurt. I’m pretty exicted to see it myself but 299 votes is pretty low.

(note since I’ve started umm… plugging… the count’s up to 405) :biggrin:

Review of Rhapsody:

Rhapsody is the perfect example of why I don’t rate games by a numerical score. Hated by most, beloved by others who am I to say whether this game is truly bad or good? Rhapsody is not like other RPGs, hate it or love it, it’s completely unique to any other RPG you’ll ever play- unless you happen to understand Japanese and, you know, get the sequal.

Your first impression of Rhapsody is likely to be that it’s extremely “girly”, the colors, the plot, the singing it’s best that you just put your testosterone to the side, loosen your jock strap and hope no one sees you having fun.

The game thrusts you into the role of Cornette, a 14 year old love starved teenager who’s destined to fall in love with the Kingdom of Marl’s very own prince Ferdinand. Course Cornette’s not your every day heroine, nope, she wields a magical wish granting trumpet, travels with a mischious fairy, and commands her own army of puppets. The first part of the game will lead you, Cornette, and Kururu (the fairy) through all sorts of hilarious hijinks as she attempts to win the hand of her fair- um Prince. But all’s not peaches and cream in the land of Marl, and Conrnette soon finds herself on a quest to rescue Ferdinand from the evil, but beautiful (and scarcely clad) witch Marjoly and her band of sexy cohorts.

Despite the love story premise Rhapsody is truly a tale of friendship, and not a very happy one at that. There’s a dark undercurrent to this otherwise sugary sweet game, and you’ve a colder heart than I if you haven’t shed a few tears by the end.

So that’s the story, now if you want to play Rhapsody there’s a few things you should know before hand. The game’s far from perfect, but if you can overlook a few flaws you may just fall in love with it.

The graphics are simply stunning, vivid colors, beautifully drawn backgrounds, expressive character portraits. But as you get into the game you start to notice that there’s a hell of a lot of palette swapping, and I don’t mean just monsters, this game recycles everything from dungeons to towns. It’s kind of cheap but you get the feeling that the corners Nippon Ichi cut in the graphics department they more then made up for musically.

The music’s a double-edged sword, reminiscent of a Disney film the lyrics are charming but corny. If you really didn’t like cartoon musicals to begin with, there nothing here to change your mind. That said I liked the music- a lot, and I also really appreciate that the game comes with it’s own sound track CD. And it’s pretty cool to see a sprite break into fully vocalized song without a moment’s notice. I think overall the voice actors are very good, especially in the roles of Cornette and Marjoly. The woman who plays Kururu and Etoile (yes it is the same lady) grates on my nerves occasionally but they do cause Cornette to stand out as the better singer, which is what she’s suppose to be.

The difficulty in Rhapsody is basically non-existent. Even on hard the battles are a piece of cake and most bosses won’t take you more then three turns to vanquish. I also find it ironic that the manual quotes “…Cornette, is an ordinary girl and she is certainly not a warrior.” then goes on to imply that you should keep her on the sidelines cheering on her puppet friends as they fight for her. The last time I played through Rhapsody I used Cornette exclusively in battle, the game’s that easy. On the up side random battles never become a chore because you’re able to fly though them, and admitedly the palette swaped dunegons are so repeativly bland that becoming lost in them adds a degree of difficulty to the game.

Rhapsody comes packed with a couple nice extras. The sound track CD I mentioned earlier, plus as you play through the game you unlock a sound and picture gallery, the music’s nothing special since you already have the CD but the artwork’s quite nice. Personally I’m a fan of Nippon Ichi’s character artist, if you’ve played either Disgaea or La Pucelle for the PS2 you’ll know what I’m talking about.

So there you have it, is Rhapsody worth getting? If you love RPGs that are quirky and unique I’d definitely say yes, but the price tag will be a deterrent to most, unsurprisingly Rhapsody never sold very well and the going ebay rate at the time of this review is around $60, for a 10 hour game that’s pretty expensive. Still if you have the money and are looking for something different give it a try.

And yes it’s me. Sorry for spamming and running, but I have a lot of forums to hit.


Rhapsody would be so fucking cool if it had gameplay to backup the fucking awesome… uh, music things and the like. I dare not say the plot is good, though it’s amusing. I like dungeons that can be cleared by going to the right 5 times, really <_<

Hot damn.

It’d be cool if they listened to the petition, but petitions like this historically have a very low chance of success. The game does look interesting enough for a release.

Yes yes. We know. Just vote. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I believe the sequals to Rhapsody do address the gameplay issues found in the first. Hell they couldn’t have just jumped from the slaughterfest that was Rhapsody immediately to the hard core strategy elements found in La Pucelle and Disgaea.

The problem I see is it looks like a wish list of what they should put up in their online store. :expressionless:

I’m not fammiliar with the series, and I’ve never played Rhapsody, but the Nippon Ichi games I’ve played have yet to dissapoint me. I’ll look into this. Thanks for posting it.

Breasts? SIGNED.

Yeah, well, I played it (it was during one of those RPG dry spells were no good ones were available so I grabbed the first thing that resembled one) and liked it well enough. Plus it’s the only RPG that my niece and I have played together. :slight_smile:

And yeah, it has babes on it, thought the graphics are too cartoony to allow much lusting after them (well, for me anyway.) The main villainess is noteworthy, however, for not only having jiggly breasts, but jiggly buttcheeks as well! (WHY was that included into a (supposedly) girl-oriented game? Well, I guess they needed a hook for the guys as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

You got my vote.

Rhapsody kicks your bitch-asses.

…That is all.

I’ve been tracking Daria’s progress posting this message throughout the internet. I knew it was only a matter of time before she came here. That’s the only reason why I myself didn’t post the same message. =P