This is where you post it. Nuff said.

Mine is


It’s not released here till the 25th. :bowser:

This is like the worst I’ve hated a 1 week difference in release dates EVER. Gasrashbvdaj;.

I’m sorry, I can’t hear you, the chimes of things being unlocked seems to be drowning out your weak complaints.

Handy decal tool, for the less art inclined.

Mine is:


I have to say, this is definitely the best Mario Kart. I was a little aprehensive after feeling a little burned with Double Dash, but I’m loving it. The only thing that sucks is playing with random people since they disconnect at the first sight of losing. I was playing against these four guys and I managed to just pull ahead and waste them all and then someone disconnected. It sucked. Like I won’t disconnect since it is just fun to play and it is hard enough to get a game going (plus, I don’t really care that much about my record).

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Now to wait tilL MONDAY to get the fucking USB dongle. :bowser:

edit; wow, drift-boosting in this game is way harder than the N64 version.

edit2; This iteration of Rainbow Road is perfect. It’s not insanely long like the N64 version was and it’s not insanely unfair like the SNES version could be.

Now, onto the retro cups. >:D

Well this is fucking bullshit. Have the game, not a single store anywhere in Holland has the USB Penis.

Way to go, Nintendo. Way to go.

Look on the bright side, it gives us time to work on our emblems!

For the glory of Zeon!

50CC complete ^^

100CC here I come … and speed boosting is easy :slight_smile: … easier than on GCN. My code will posted soon.

I haven’t seen the USB adapter in any US store, yet. I just manually typed in my wireless settings. What does the USB adapter do, other than that, anyway?

Well, that’s pretty much it. Basically a portable wireless access point for your DS.

I think the USB adapter uses the DS’s proprietary protocol instead of wireless ethernet. Therefore it might use less battery power than a wireless ethernet connection.


We need to organize a time when we’ll all be online so that we can play.

Get me a USB dongle :frowning:

I absolutely hate networking and faulty programs. Tried to install the said USB Dongle, program crashes everytimes I try to load up. So even if I could theoricly connect my DS to my comp, I can’t give permission.

I will get Mario Kart and the USB port thing for Christmas…so you can battle the Grammar Challaged One!