Mario Kart DD

RUMOR: Nintendo’s GameCube racing game Mario Kart: Double Dash will come with a bonus disc - a GameCube port of the classic N64 racing game Mario Kart 64. Mario Kart: Double Dash will be released on November 18 in US. - The Magic Box

As they said it was just a rumor, but DAMN that’d be neat. Also check out the screenshots at TMB. Those look fucking sweet (TMB =

I’d rather see Super Mario Kart than MK64.

On the other hand MK64 battle mode pwnz :hahaha;

Yea, I love battling in MK64… The one with the multiple levels. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sad I gave away my copy now. :frowning:

MK64 was fun…but Super Mario Kart is better…

**looks through closet for SMK cart.

It sure is weird when you hear MK64 being called a classic. Not saying it isn’t worthy of the title – it’s a great game and it’s certainly old enough – but it’s still weird.

I didn’t call it a classic , I quoted The Magic Box.

Originally posted by Sinistral
I didn’t call it a classic , I quoted The Magic Box.

And I never said I heard it from you, I just noted the fact that it was being called a classic by somebody. :stuck_out_tongue:

It feels like yesterday I was playing MK64. Unfortunately, my sister spilt pop all over half my N64 games (Which is a LOT of games), and it got ruined.

That’s so cool, MK64 was my favourite game on the 64… I definately gotta get a new gamecube if this is true.


I wish it would have been Mario Kart instead of Mario Kart64 though.

Originally posted by Wertigon
[b]I’d rather see Super Mario Kart than MK64.

On the other hand MK64 battle mode pwnz :hahaha; [/b]

Ok, I got confused there, I thought he started talking about Mortal Kombat 64 there for a minute.

I like both of the Mario Karts. I still have my MK64 cart but getting it on disc would be useful.

It’d be MK4, then. :stuck_out_tongue:

If they did release a Bonus disc with it I would so totally have to get that.

One PRAYS that they bring back the Feather from MK. That thing was SO much fun.

No one would ever race me on that Wario track in MK64 becasue I was the only one around here that could jump the wall cutting off like half of the track. I could never jump the wall back though, so I never could get those 6 second laps.

Oi. Nasty. My bro loved trying to make the jump in Rainbow Road. Was kinda fun trying, especially since it either shaved off a half a minute or added roughly that same amount.

I glad they are releasing Mario Kart 64 instead of the orignal Mario Kart. Because it was used to be the most played game in the house for the longest time, so it would be good to have back here. By the way, why bother releasing orignal Mario Kart again when all the tracks from the game are extras on Mario Kart Super Cucuit for the GBA (just get a GBA Player).

Is it just me, or is Nintendo re-releasing every game in its warehouse? Of course, MK64 was cool, but it’s just an observation.

Talking about Mario Kart, you guys know what happened to a Mario Kart that had Geno (You know the Mario RPG character) in it. I remember seeing a screenshot but, what happened there?

I’m gonna guess it was a demo screenshot and Geno was removed, although he was pretty decent in SMRPG.