Marbles Decent into Madness by Charlemagne

Aww… what happened now? Lost someone dear? Cat ran away? Your lollipop got stolen by a meanie?

Some street toughs soiled my dickie.

Awww… hugs Charle and pats his head There, there…

oops, I put an R instead of a C, not that it matters.

No matter how depressed it looks, it’s obviously very well made.
Good job charl ^^

Thats the anthem of the football/soccer team here, damn drunks waking me up with it!

I guess nobody got my name pun.

The Marble Madness reference?

Yeah, I guess nobody caught that… wait a minute! you did! god bless us everyone!

Marble Madness is awesome

Hey, why dont we turn this into a thread about marble madness even though it really has nothing to do with it.


Sweet game. Wish they’d have made a second one…

…And my conversation well regarding MM is spent… wanders off

Nice piccie by the way. Very tragic and depressing. Was that the intent?

No, I meant for it to be happy, with flowers and lollipops, and animated birds that land on your finger and start singing.

I hope you get to feeling better. I’m sure you’ll amke it through this one. If you need anything, I’m here to talk to. :slight_smile: