Man's tumor is actually a towel

I’m surprised he’s not suing, most people would sue their pants off in these kinds of situations.

So. Let me get this straight. It’s not a tumor.

Wouldn’t they have run some tests and figured out it wasn’t an actual tumor? Wouldn’t a growth of the spleen look different or have a different density than a towel? I’m surprised by how many idiots are in the medical profession, “What’s that?” “I don’t, but let’s say it’s a tumor” “Yeah! Then he has to undergo chemo, pay for expensive surgery, and face his own morality.” “Let’s do it!”

As Douglas Adams would say, DON’T PANIC.


At all!

From one well-known pop culture reference to a completely random one that not many would understand at first. I applaud you, Miss Mints.

No one understands me. -.- sigh

I understood you. :slight_smile: