any one else a really big manga lover? if so, which ones?

Demon Diary;Utena; Oh, my Goddess; Digi Charat; thats all.

I am! But, I like to many to put. He he.

Sorcerer Hunters!

Ooooh! Sorcerer Hunters Rock!!! :biggrin: :victoly: :dancer: :hahaha; :cool: :hyperven:


naruto rocks. any to stay away from?

Loved GTO, Love Hina, and Wish. Sorceror Hunters had its moments (“LOOK AT ME!!!” flex), but given that I hated the main character and the way the two sisters acted towards him, it was much a mixed bag.

I can not recommend GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) enough.

Given that I dig perverted heros, I really liked Carrot (main character in question). And on top of that, how can you not LOVE Chocolate Mouse and Tira Missu?! They are SOOO cute, and when they change… OMFG nose bleed wah hahahaha, HOT HOT HOT… THen again, I like whips. and chains… and string… giggles

I’m into game comics lately…like Suikoden and Dragon Warrior…
They’re really good.