manga school

I was reading a anime book just recently. While I was reading that book the author had Q&A on the side of some pages. Most of them were talking about what type of pen should I use for drawing certain types of anime and the frames around the comic. But there was this one interesting Q&A that really caught my attention. In japan you really don’t have to go to grade school, you can go to an anime/ manga school that teaches you how to draw. The author explained I didn’t bother going to grade school. My parents sent me to the manga school on and off. You now she had to learn math, science and other unuseful things they teach you in school like slope and y-intercept (like anyone is gonna use it) anyway. she barley went. But wouldn’t it be cool if all day you got to draw and learn about anime? I think it would. I’m pictueing it now… sitting in class drawing and watching movies of cartoons ( my imaginary way of pictureing it) well anyway I was just pointing it out. Do you think it would be cool???


And if you don’t make it big you spend the rest of your life working on a $20,000 salary and eating out at McDonald’s.

Don’t forget the fact that as a westerner trying to draw manga in Japan you would probably be refused a job on principle.

Not necessarily. Tokyopop publishes a decent bit of crappy western manga.

Oh wait, in Japan. Tch, forget it.