Manga: Excel Saga Vol. 7

Has anyone else been buying and keeping up with Viz’s publication of the Excel Saga manga? I have, and Volume 7 has just recently been released, I picked it up yesterday.

I must say, so far in the series I’ve been impressed by the manga. It’s just so different from the anime, and so similar at the same time. There’s an actual plot being developed, instead of just episodic parodies of various genres. For example the ‘big significant thing’ which happened to Il Palazzo in the last 4 episodes of the anime is brought up as early as the second volume of the manga.

However Volume 7 was a bit of a letdown. Volumes 5 and 6 did a lot in advancing the story and I was really looking forward to where it would continue in volume 7, but… it didn’t. Volume 7 was mostly just more mini-missions the characters got into without really developing anything new. It was entertaining, of course, some were particulary funny (I loved it when Sumiyoshi’s PCs got fried in a power surge, and Iwata commented if someone ‘Set up the Bomb’) plus there was a little easter egg inserted to connect to the anime, loosley. While it was still a good and funny read, after Volumes 5 and 6, story-wise it was a bit of let down. Volume 8 will be out in two months, so perhaps that will pick things up again.

I’ve looked all over online for info on the manga, and I can’t find jack. There’s a million Excel Saga Anime sites, but nothing on the manga. So I have no idea how long it goes on for. If I had to guess I’d say 10 Volumes, at this point.

At any rate, if anyone has been buying the ES Manga, be sure to pick up Vol 7 (like I need to tell ya) and for those who haven’t started reading the manga, do so. It’s really good.