Man, yo syntax is whack, foo

Funny. Hah.

What the fuck.


I also would like to say the phrase Sin and Epic have said.

I echo their sentiments as well.

o_@ Oh god how pathetic. Please no. As if regular hiphop wasnt bad enough already…

“I don’t think this new subculture will really stick, though,” Ryan added. “If the genre is to succeed, you’re going to need some females.” << Lol! How true

This pretty much sums it up.

I think we are reaching the end of the popularity of Rap and Hip Hop


They’re gonna get beat up in the school yard and their contractor money taken away by the bullies


It may get worse, imagine these guys programming neural networks to come up with beats & rhymes for them.

This is as stupid as that guy from Offspring’s ‘Pretty Fly’ clip. “Friends say he’s trying too hard, but he’s not quite hip / but in his own mind he’s the doppest trip” - describes these guys quite accurately.



I hate rap any way, and R and B, and hip hop. Darn that rap music!

lolz old movie quote +1 plz

What a joke.