Man Wearing a Chicken suit Robs a Store


It’s the same site of the hot pants case, but now this is the news on the top of the page. I posted this because I didn’t want to derail the other thread.

By the way, the photo they got from this chicken man… Reminds me of Big Bird in someway.


Chicken suits aren’t funny. Also, please don’t post every time your website updates. :stuck_out_tongue:

What I find funny is that the police couldn’t outrun a man wearing a chicken suit. 8)

Also, Ren’s avatar is really cool. I used to have 2 of those things in my deck, but I then switched to green and used Forces of Nature. 8)

Don’t you see? Ren is the guy in each article, that’s why he feels the need to report them all to us. In this case, he was the chicken dude that outran the cop. You’re such a show off Renan!

Where do you take these pictures at? Did you actually go into a grocery store in a chicken suit?

Gah :eek: Eva unmasked me!

As for the pic, I got it from a local online newspaper. Any one that you go into the internet will have the same pic. Also, I promise I won’t open a new thread for every news from now on. I will just keep changing my sig so whenever you see a new call there it will mean an update on the site.

PS: Dalton: one is cool, but two is suicide :noway:

A nice but silly disguise. It reminds me of when a comedian interrupted a TV2 news report by walking into the camera view dressed up as a chicken. He had a perfectly good reason, it was just that no one understood that perfectly good reason.