Man recovers from HIV?

British Fellow seems to have averted AIDS

Meaning, some things just might get slightly safer, even if you wore protection? (Not to mention the millions who happen to have it just got better knews…)

Although the following question just might be: “So, who’ll pay for it to reach all of the needy people in Africa?”

He had <b>better</b> not refuse further testing; he’d be <b>such</b> a bastard if he didn’t at least allow an examination of his immune system that it wouldn’t even be funny.

“Wanted, Alive or at the very least very frickin’ wounded.”

Gotta be the Brits.

No further testing? What a dick.

I doubt it would require a lot on him and he’d probably be well compensated. The guy should just let himself be tested. This guy is such an idiot; he doesn’t even realize the implications. Hell, this is one time I’d actually sort of like some powerful company to use its money to get an exclusive on something. At least if a powerful company paid him and created a vaccine or cure, there would be one and it could at least someday be widespread.

Y’know, if the British government were to step in and force this chap to undergo further testing, I could almost look the other way and not say anything.

Well the News reports… say whist this MAY be a break though… They don’t know… Whist I don’t think I’m HIV+ but If reports came back like that I’d make sure by majority Rules…

I don’t do Sex, Drugs and I do do Rock and Roll…

“Chelsea and Westminster Healthcare NHS Trust confirmed the tests were indeed accurate but were unable to confirm Stimpson’s cure because he declined to undergo any further testing.”

Some people can survive HIV: they have a mutated or they lack a receptor on the surface of their cells and without this receptor, the virus can’t infect. I suspect this is one such case.

HA! Someone who also knows this! My fellow biology peers are idiots.

I do not find that surprising.

But if it’s not simply a lack of a CD4 receptor but the production of, say, a lysing enzyme that targets a part of the virus, then it would be invaluable. It’s probably better to test, just in case, however small the chance.

Extremely unlikely, but I agree.

So he got rid of a disease that is still considered incurable, and yet he refused to undergo further testing that could very well allow the development of a cure for everyone else? What an asshole! Talk about wasting a miracle…

This reminds me of something in this book I read called Virtual Light.

There was this guy who was a prostitute, and he had this new, mutant strain of HIV. The new strain had no negative effects on the body, and never developed into full-blown AIDS. It also killed all other strains of HIV. It was discovered that everyone who had “contact” with this guy ended up immune to all strains of HIV because of the new super-harmless HIV.

Long story short, the guy ended up a martyr. They killed him to make a live vaccine for HIV.