Man recognized as surviving both atomic bombs

Genericangstyposter’s post reminded me about this article I saw a couple weeks ago.

It’s unbelievable that this man bore witness to the most tragic events in the entire war in his own country and lived to be his age.

This guy is AWESOME

For once I agree with Hades.

Worst timing ever or what?

Holy shit. Talk about lucky.

So I can only assume that he turns into the Incredible Hulk or Gorjila or something along those lines. Amirite?

That is the most ignorant statement I’ve ever read. Do you know ANYTHING about either of those characters? urNOTrite… idiot.

Considering how few superheros got their powers from exploded nukes (I can think of only Radioactive Man) and considering that this guy has survived the maximum number of nuclear bombings in the history of the entire human race (not counting the test detonations, which, thanks to Indy IV, were proven to have absolutely no after effect of survival (unless you’re a lizard like Gorjila or something) I’d say he has to have at least some kind of superpowers.

Btw, welcome back Charlemagne.

I was prepared to accept this as an April Fool’s joke, but the date on the story is a week ago.

Dammit, internet, you failed me.

If anything he’s got the power of badassery. He had radiation burns after the first bomb and then went home after being treated for only a day.

The Hulk got his powers from a GAMMA bomb. It’s a different kind of radiation, fool.


This man reminds me of myself.