Man PRANK calls 9-1-1 over 27,000 times.

The sheer irresponsibility of this just plain baffles me.

“because its free”

I think they should fine him for each individual phone call.

When did people start calling it crank calling? I’m from the prank call generation. Crank sounds strange and odd to me :open_mouth:

I agree with you. The end is nigh.

Couldn’t they block/forward someplace his calls to the call center once they started the investigation?

I think blocking the call would be problematic in event someone actually needed help. You can’t say the guy didn’t deserve help for prank calling people.

I also detest the word “crank”. Something about it makes me twitch. The first time I heard the term being messed up was around the time Michael Jackson was on trial for molesting a boy and the boy said they “crank” called a bunch of people.

the word “Crank” just reminds me of a meat grinder.

So anyway, every call center gets psychos that call in. It just so happens that instead of wasting a company’s money, he’s responsible for the potential death/permanent injury of nearly 20,000 people.

What surprises me is how long they took to track the guy. Can’t they check who owns the number calling 911? That way it’d just take a quick search for his address and they could’ve got the guy in a couple of days.

Wait, do people actually say crank call? What the fuck?

I use “prank.”

And while I agree that fining him for each individual call would be fitting, it’s not like he’d be able to pay $27 million or whatever …

Crank call? Sounds like one of those old phones you had to crank. Who prank(or ‘crank’ if you prefer) calls 911? You’d have to be a complete idiot, not to mention the police. I mean, over 27,000 times?! Wow. I can’t believe it took them that long. The guy working the phone must have been on drugs or asleep or something.:boring: If you were listening to some guy making odd noises while you were manning the 911 phones, wouldn’t you call an ambulance or something? Wouldn’t that be your job? If you ask me, the whole thing’s pretty stupid.::dekar!::

I call them phony calls, like in the Weird Al song.

Isn’t crank a slang word for heroin??

Are we all just about done making fun of my use of the term crank yet?

You feeling cranky? :wink:

Crank it up dog… :smiley:


I said crank:O

Crank sounds more like something speedy, at least after watching the movie!

Gotta love a thread which, almost immediately, degenerates completely into a semantic argument over one word. :slight_smile:

I hate you all.