I just read this… and it is crazy.

The funny thing is i say this on Family Guy, Brian proved that Peter had his own orbit.

Weekly World News stories aren’t real. :expressionless:

The 24-year-old paralegal wears a bicycle helmet for protection and carries a cricket bat to knock the moons aside when she and Kirby snuggle.

Pure gold.

Wait. This is a joke thread, right? He… didn’t really believe that article, right? Right?

No, sorry, he probably did. It could be satire, but probably not. It’s unfortunately a dying genre, not because no one writes it anymore, but because no one seems to understand it anymore.

Im not even going to lie… I believed it a little. I couldn’t believe the story, but I had too beacause it was the the weekly world news. How was I supposed to know that the Weekly World News was fake, sounds real to me. Anyways, it was still funny regardless of fake or realness.

Yeah, it was a great article, but I thought WWN was one of the most widely known fake tabloids. Also, it’s completely impossible for anything to orbit a person, no matter how fat they are. Yay for gravity.

If you get a person floating around in the middle of space, nowhere near any other celestial bodies, you could get stuff to orbit around a person. Small bits of dust and the like (maybe a small pebble at most).

Even a pebble’s orbit would be pretty much undetectable. In order for a small pebble of 0.001 kg (1 gram) to orbit a massive 100kg person from half a meter away, the force acting upon the pebble must be F = (6.67300x10^-11)(100)(0.001)/(0.5^2) = 2.67x10^-11

The velocity to keep that pebble in orbit would be 2.67x10^-11 = (0.001)(v^2)/(0.5), with v = 1.16x10^-4 m/s.

That’s a little bit more than a tenth of a milimeter per second. <strike>Assuming a 1.5 meter diameter of the orbit, a full orbit would take 40,624 seconds.

That’s roughly two orbits a day.</strike>

Since r = 0.5, the diameter is 1.0 meters, and a full orbit would take 27,083 seconds.

That’s roughly three orbits a day.

You’re smart! :open_mouth:

High school physics is good for something, at least! :ma<b></b>ho:

You calculated the velocity for an orbit with a diameter of 1 meter. The pebble would orbit a little over 3 times per day.