Man, Life is hard.

The other day I was all like “Hey Dad, drive me to the mall.” So then he was all like “No go get a job” and then I was like “Shut up Dad I’m just trying to be me” and then I go listen to Simple Plan, because they really feel the way I do.

Do you have a car or a licsence? If not, the you need to get it so you don’t have to have you dad drive you.

Yeah, I was like “Hey dad, I got a zit” and then he was like “fag”, and then I was like “I’m too bootylicious for you baby” and now I think dad feels the same way I do…

I use to know people like that. Stop it, you’re scaring me!

Just tell him you’re sorry, you can’t be…perfeeeect!

You don’t understand, I’m just trying to be me, and he’s trying to opress me. I mean its like god, can’t you stand having a son who’s different. Whatever adults don’t understand how hard it is being a teenager.

sorry, I was just saying that if you had one or the other, than you can be yourself whenever and where everand not need to be oppressed and stuff.

[/Not too subtle insult]

omg i feel the same way 2, my mom always tells me 2 stop listening 2 offensive music, but shes uffening me cuz linkin park is teh only band who truly undrstands how i feel deep down, cuz the partnal advisory sticker lol!

All of that sexual drive! They’re just jealous of you, Shinny-Shin! Cuz you da man.

Yeah I know right, its just like, I wanna listen to rock n roll, stop telling me what to do because I am not a robot!!!111

Woahh…that grammer hurt my eyes.
I’m sorry for all you people that only think bands know what you feel like.
EDIT: gramer refers to a couple posts above, it’s just there’s about 3 posts a second.

ur a sexbot lol!!!1 shin will u go out w/ me? [y] [n] cheq 1?

Whatevs dude, Simple Plan is singing to me


Sigh Times are tough.

Simple Plan…Simple Plan is from Quebec…EEEEEWW QUEBEC!

shin wil u go out w/ me? yes? no? :frowning: plz repyl

edt: u said y! yay! kisses u all over, and over and again lol

only if you give pap smears.

Man, you just don’t know. Only The Cure truly knows how you feel. You have to stop letting Linkin Park and all these other bands oppress you. They’re just trying to get you to stop being you. Man.

pap sears?

Those things are gross