Man gets penis reattached

A guy in Alaska, I think it was, got his penis reattached after his girlfriend cut it off with a butcher knife, WTF!?


EDIT: Sorry for the length


Link? He’s very lucky too.

shudders at the thought
Link please.

Didn’t this same thing happen several years ago? Mid 90s or something

I think I remember that. They stuck it in a bucket of ice until he got to the hospital.

John Bobbit.

man… recently, my gf’s been saying that she’ll cut my penis off if I do any more sex talk with her… I don’t wanna be the next dude to have his penis reattached.

Who said it’ll be reatached? :mwahaha:

He basically had 2 sex change operations in one day. Ouch.

I remeber reading about that a few years ago.

Time to find a new girlfriend

How could anyone forget about the Bobbits, weren’t they the subject of every late night show joke for a good 20 years?

Once I ran intoa site which showed a kid cutting off the head of his own penis…he was apparently stoned when he did it…it even had pictures of every step…it was disgusting. I ended up throwing up.

I would post a link but the site was hosted on LiveJournal & the guy took it down.

…guys. Are you trieing to outsmart each other by posting news links and trieing to reach a new low?! Recently it sure may seem so.

Yay for searching for severed penises in the swere. Bravo.

Heh, good thing, because if you posted a link to that, and you’d be banned… Again…

Anyway, that kid sounds like he was on PCP. People on PCP (“Angel Dust”) do all sorts of crazy shit like that. One of my professors told us a story of a student on angel dust (the professor was a high school teacher at the time), who just started masturbating in the middle of class, and nobody could stop him, and he got all violent and shit. And the there’s that urban legend at Snopes about the dude on Angel Dust that cut off his face with a razor blade and fed the pieces of it to his dog (there used to be a picture of it at Snopes, but it seems to be missing, which is strange because all their other “gorey” pictures are still there)… I guess when you’re on PCP, you just don’t feel pain, and you get all crazy and shit.

Probably what the poor dude in the article said right before she did it.

My boyfriends Uncle shot his father with a shotgun when he was on PCP. His other son, my boyfriends dad, and his wife just got home as it happened too.

PCP is pretty crazy.


ouch is all I can say. :\ Don’t let your chick tie you up in the middle of sex right after you got in a fight.

This has totally never happened to me! Awesome!