Man commits suicide at ground zero

Supposedly in protest of Bush winning, among other things.

Okay…I don’t like Bush either, but…YEESH. :fungah:

Can you say, somebody did want to be alive if Bush was put back into office.

That’s both sad as in heartwrenching and sad as in pathetic.

I don’t really approve of suicide in any form, but think of it this way. If you kill yourself now, that’s one less person to vote the incumbent’s regime out of office come 2008.

wow. That is sad with that article then add of Bush giving thumbs up. Amazing that you pointed it out. How idiotic can things get now adays. Soon your going to see people thinking eating poeple is thumbs up Immoral!

He’s Plugging that Picture in his Lj.

Some Americans are Crazy, and we know who you are…

Haha yeah i saw that there too.

As for the article, i read it on another forum. I really can’t relate, but I can see what motivated him. What a very…martyrish thing to do.

meh, perhaps the guy just didn’t want to have to spend the rest of his life in war. and that is hilarious, the bush advertisement there.

Wow…that’s heavy. I knew some people were in tears over Bush’s victory but I never imagined it’d go that far. Bush ad including = fucked up

Being a martyr is sacrificing yourself for a good reason because it’s the only thing you can do to force change. Like PV said, the only thing he acomplished was one less voter against the Republicans in 08.

Sorry for being harsh, but this wasn’t a noble sacrifice, it was just a plain suicide.

He ain’t exactly a martyr if he doesn’t have a band of brothers and sisters behind his cause. It’s not like he was persecuted like a Christian in Roman times or a Jew in Soviet Russia. I’ll give him credit for having the balls to go all the way…even if I oppose suicide and that his death didn’t bring any change but merely showed how extreme some people were treating this election, like Bush was the harbinger of Armageddon or something… :hint:

Why the hell would he do this if he was planning to get married? Even if he was gay he could’ve gotten married somewhere else.

Way to make a difference. Dead people can’t speak, protest, or vote.

If you’re willing to do that, at least attempt an assasination…jeez >_>

yeah if I was going to put a gun to my head, i would like to first least kill somebody… well has to be one I hate with a passion. Type of person where you set up this whole plan on how to kill them and it took a year, and its so complex that if somebody else tries to understand, they would think you just made a new recipe to chocolate chip cookies!

He actually went (or at least worked) at my college so we’ve gotten rather inundated by the news of this.

And he was getting ready to get married…what a dumbass.