Does anyone know how to use this arcade emulator? I have the ROM’s for it but it won’t work, it’s says they can’t be found.

I use the 0.55 version of mame, but am assuming the older/newer versions work the same way.

  1. Place your roms inside the “ROMS” folder in your Mame folder

  2. Run SMAME32A.EXE

  3. When Mame starts up select the “Available” folder in the left window. Press F5 to refresh and the roms you have placed in your “ROMS” directory will appear in the right window.

  4. Double-click on the rom you want to play. Enjoy.

Dude, you rock.

EDIT: Err, or not, it aint working.

lol, are you sure the roms you have are for StretchMame32?? They could be for NeoGeo or Kawaks or some other emulator.

I’m trying to get Megaman Power Battle to work…

Funny, I have that one, and it works. Which leads me back to my previous question. Are you sure the rom you have is for StretchMame32?

Yeah it is, where did you get your version?

I can even remember where I got mine, but you can take it from here: —> Mame (under arcade emus) —> StretchMame32

Originally posted by Sephiroth Hayes
Dude, you rock

Er, what are the controls? Mine doesn’t show them, and there is no help file…

After loading a rom press tab. A menu should appear, from there you can change game controls, view game information, etc.

Any idea how I add games? I’ve copied a game int othe roms folder but it won’t work…

Like I said before, you have to put the rom (must be a .zip archive) in the “ROMS” folder. Then, run stretchmame and choose the “available” folder, press F5 to refresh and the game should appear. If not, go to the options and make sure the “Directories” is set to the “ROMS” folder. You might also check the “Search for new games” box on the “Startup Options” section.

Guh, this is gay, I tried ALL of that, and it’s not working >_<

sigh It’s against the rules to ask for that kind of stuff around here, and besides, I don’t remember.

EDIT: The one I had was Megaman Power Battle anyway, not Megaman Power Battle 2

Originally posted by Sephiroth Hayes
I’m trying to get Megaman Power Battle to work…

Oh right ah.

Well, I did a little diggin’ and turns out that the problem might not be from your rom after all. Seems that StretchMame32 doesn’t support “Rockman 2: The Power Fighters” (Megaman Power Battle 2). However, regular Mame32 seems to support it, so, try using that instead. You can get it from the site I posted above.

It’s only against the rules to request roms, there’s no problem with talking about emulators and how to get them working.

lol, I know that. That’s why I only brought it up when he asked me for the rom. But you wouldn’t know that since he had already edited his reply when you made yours.