Mama's pissed.

Have you perhaps noticed lately how much destruction’s been going on? With the effects of Katrina, Rita, the Pakistan earthquake and even a distantly related tsunami a year or two ago, methinks that Earth is pissed. In case you didn’t notice, we happen to be destroying the sacred balance of life here at a disturbing rate. Greenland loses an average of 2.5 feet per year, tides are climbing higher than ever, and we are paying for our misdeeds. So, if you weren’t paying any attention, I’ll just say what I’m not-so-subtly hinting at: global warming. As we burn oil, dump chemicals in the ocean, shave the forests closer and closer, and genrally KILL EVERY FUCKING THING IN SIGHT, Mother Earth is getting more and more pissed - as she damn well should be. Think about it - if fleas were shaving your armpits, ticks were sucking shit out of you and pissing at in your eye, and cockroaches were blowing each other into billions of pieces along your nosebridge, you’d be pissed too. Electric cars, hemp paper, and all that is well and good, but why aren’t these plans getting more mobilized by now? Hemp is no new concept - ask yo daddy. So, as politics, religion, “happiness” and fast food condemn our lives, take away our privacy and destroy our environment, we’re not DOING A DAMN THING ABOUT IT! The world could easily be better - if we weren’t here. In other words, I want al of you to pass this message on to all you know: end poverty, slavery, fossil fuels, global warming, tree-chopping, overpopulation, and all of that other bad stuff. BUT WAIT. How the fuck do we fix problems in conflict? Overpopulation and poverty can’t both be ended. Not as long as we want to have emotions and general humanity. And we’re too attached to those. Revenge, lust, madness, sadness, betrayal. They make us who we are and give us a sense of individuality while also giving us hopelessness. And don’t you even DARE get me started on politics: I have many liberal view spiels to spew at a moment’s notice.

Damn… all that just to stop thinking about that Nicole girl… High school’s getting to me, guys.

There is no “sacred” abstract balance of life. It’s ever-changing, never static. Every so often meteors smash into this planet and completely change the future of life on them; or the entire surface of the planet freezes over due to natural causes; or a new species dominates the rest and changes the surface of the planet by its own actions. There is nothing supernatural at work in the way the world is changing. There is no Earth goddess dressed in green angry at humanity. WE are what is natural.

Perhaps the changes we engineer, purposefully or by accident, are bad for us. Fine. Let us recognize that fact and seek to change what we have caused, NOT merely because we have made things different than they had been, but because we have made things worse for ourselves.

As RPT said, there is no sacred balance. Life existed long before us and it survived far worse things than us in the past and it will continue to exist long after we’re gone. Hurricanes are not related to earthquakes. These are completely different forces at work.

Yeah; as I said in an earlier thread, compared to the kinda stuff Earth sometimes gets, we’ve barely scratched the paintjob of “nature.”

First 2 posts, very reminisent of Ian Malcome’s view in Jurassic Park [the novel].

“The planet is not in jeopardy. We are in jeopardy. We haven’t got the power to destory the planet- or to save it. But we might have the power to save ourselves.”

I oughta get my hands on the JP novel sometime. Does it have Allen Grant’s “raptor = bird of prey, therefore velociraptor = evolved into bird” statement?

Earthquakes have nothing to do with us fucking with Gaia. As for hurricanes, there is a hypothesis stating that global warming may increase their ocurrence, but it’s still only a hypothesis.

A few years ago, there was a preacher saying that praying would suffice to ward the East Coast against hurris. I’d like to find that again, caused a huge discussion in media back then.

When the main volcano under Yellowstone has its second large eruption, lasting at least a hundred years, easily up to a thousand, and blanketing the farthest points of America in at least three inches of ash, places like Colorado in feet, I might say ‘This is indeed bad stuff which is happening right now.’ For now, it’s just that people are kind of wusses and assume their godlike dollar can stop anything. Fuck you, it can’t. This shit isn’t all that bad.

What I heard is the frequency hasn’t gone up, only the intensity. We can attribute this change to global warming, but I wouldn’t say the Earth’s going to hell in a handbasket because of global warming. Don’t get me wrong, global warming isn’t a good thing because humans are causing it but global warming isn’t the kind of thing that should generate the kind of frantic posting this thread started off as.

I’m still waiting for La Palma to crumble and upset the entire world’s economy by basically taking out the East Coast, myself.

What’s his face, Pat, that nutty christian guy, made a statement about how all these disasters is a sign of the ‘reckoning’ or something.


we’re all gonna die!!!

Ugh… bad enough I went into church two sunday mornings in a row and had to listen to the preacher say something along the lines of “I feel sorry for the innocent - but New Orleans was a place of sin and God took care of it.” Then some wannabe-hippie/idiot comes up with “earth are angry >=(”

your post made me chuckle. thanks rystar.

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.

Sin, air currents that wouldn’t generate a hurricane due to lack of power also get more intense, thus rising hurri/typhoon/anti-tropical cyclones ocurrence.

I’m gathering statistic data on it. Brazil seemingly had never had twisters nor hurricanes throughout history, but they’ve began appearing now. It hasn’t been half a decade since our first hurricane yet, and there have been more. The only global factor that we think might have caused this lies in the rise of the globe’s temperature.

How big of an impact has humanity been shown to have on global warming? Like, I’ve heard of plenty of geologists and climatologists who hypothesize that global warming is actually a regular occurence, and humanity’s impact on it may be overstated. I’ve even heard the weakening magnetic field may play a part due to increased exposure of solar wind to the upper atmosphere and whatnot.

Thanks, 984. That’s something people should hear. While most people think that humankind is the sole responsible for global warming, there’s no way to prove it true. We don’t have a spare, unpolluted Earth in a lab to use as control group to test the validity of this idea (and if we had, I’d be living in it).

I don’t think solar wind has the biggest influence… We’d notice communication systems in orbit and near the poles getting damaged at a surprisingly fast rate before we noticed such a change if it had.

There are other hypothesis in game. Some think that ice in the poles, specially the southern one, may store a lot of methane from past eras, and that in their natural cycles of melting they let such methane into the atmosphere. Methane has more heat keeping capacity than CO2 in the atmosphere.

And this hypothesis is just one out of many. There are also people who are taking into account Earth’s ventilation system: as sea currents deaccelerate, heat exchanges in global scale become less intense, making areas that tend to be hot become even hotter. And then there are El Niño & La Nina, the phenomenons that change the flow of warm and cold winds…

One more thing: there are scientists who think that hot eras are just “anti-ice ages.” There are others who think that we should be close to an ice age now (close, like, only a handful of millenia left before it. The Day After Tomorrow is still fiction =p), but global warming caused by humans is making temperature go the other way thus having us skip the cold era.

All in all, it’s still too early to take any long therm conclusions about causes. I’m more worried about effects.

All we know about global warming is that there is going to be more fucked-upness in worldwide weather, but we have to survive it.

I only mention the solar fields because I’ve heard repeatedly that our magnetic field is weakening right now. From what little I remember of astronomy, that would affect the strength of the Van Allen radiation belts, essentially a protective shield of highly ionized particles protecting us from solar wind. (Some conspiracy theorists also say the Van Allens are why we could never actually travel to the moon) So, if magnetic field is weaker, then the Van Allen is weaker, then relatively more solar wind hitting us and shit. However, it’s hardly the main reason.

Essentially, given the sheer scale of geologic events on the order of tens of thousands of years, and the lack of a control Earth, it seems difficult to place all the blame on humans.

Plus, I don’t wanna live in thatch-roofed huts like Chile. >.>

To elucidate what Ren phrased very awkwardly:

When people refer to global warming, they talk about green house gases trapping heat inside the atmosphere and people use rising ocean temperature as an indicator of global warming. The average person doesn’t think that an increase in 1 degree C is a big deal because they’re used to thinking about their bath tub as warming when the hot water kicks in, which is definetly more than 1 degree. The average person doesn’t understand many things, most importantly that it is difficult to change the temperature of water and thus if you warm bodies of water as huge as our entire fucking oceans, that takes A LOT of energy and furthermore, people don’t understand the importance of our oceans in regulating our ecosystems. Sea currents play a very important role in the distribution of heat across the world. They also play a very important role in maintaining circulating air patterns. If you change the sea currents, you change heat and humidity distributions world wide and thus you see massive ecological changes world wide, which we have been seeing throughout the past few decades: droughts in unusual areas, shifts in seasons, flooding in othe areas, etc… When people talk about how global warming affects hurricanes, you’re not affecting how many more hurricanes you have with these from my understanding; however, hurricanes gain strength by spending time above bodies of warm water. That’s why Katrina became so powerful: it spent a lot of time above warm water. I don’t want to attribute Katrina’s power solely to global warming because the Gulf is naturally warm, but if we look at trends over the years, we see an increase in the power of the Hurricanes. Of course, I’m not a climatologist, so this is a very rough description I’m giving you guys, but getting an idea of the big picture is useful.

When it comes to controlling global warming we have a few problems: firstly, any action which we might take will take time to take effect, which means the attention deficit nay sayers will jump the gun and say “see? it did nothing”. Secondly, in the meantime, we’ll still be reaping the problems we’ve sown and dealing with ecological disasters like the kind we’ve had for a long time. Thirdly, the first 2 points aren’t even going to happen because the current trends which have led to global warming will not be relieved. I don’t want to say “ever” but I’m fairly confident nothing will change for a very long time. Even if a lot of industrialized countries adopt things like the Kyoto protocol, we’re still assraping our ecosystems. Even if the US were to adopt the Kyoto protocol, it really wouldn’t matter because of the dramatically rising trends in chinese energy consumption. It is only a matter of time before China overtakes the rest of the world in terms of fossil fuels. Ultimately, while I will never talk against green policies and alternative energy sources, if we’re going to discuss how we can relieve global warming, we need to consider that this will take a global effort we’re not going to see. Any conservation people do will ultimately be a personal preference to make themselves feel better about how they’re not contributing to the problem than how they’re actually not doing very much, EVEN collectively.

As for solar winds and the Earth’s magnetism, I have no knowledge about any of that stuff so I can’t comment. What I can say is that I don’t believe humans can affect the Earth’s magnetism and that any changes in the amount of light the Earth is receiving would have VERY DRAMATIC effects. If we were receiving greater amounts of solar winds, we’d probably all be dead from the radiation.

Ren mentionned El Nino. It used to be a rare event. Now its practically every other year. Anyone who’s paid attention to the news will recognize the following problems have been particularly salient in the recent future. This is not what the weather used to be like :stuck_out_tongue:

“El Niño is officially defined as sustained sea surface temperature anomalies that are greater than +0.5°C across the central tropical Pacific Ocean… El Niño is associated with warm and very wet summers (December-February) along the coasts of northern Peru and Ecuador, causing major flooding whenever the event is strong or extreme…El Niño resulting in drier conditions occur in Indonesia, increasing forest fires, in the Philippines, and northern Australia. Drier than normal conditions are also generally observed along the eastern half of Australia during June-August…In North America, typically, winters are warmer than normal in the upper Midwest states and Canada, while central and southern California, northwest Mexico and the southeastern U.S., are wetter than normal. Summer is wetter in the intermountain regions of the U.S. The Pacific Northwest states, on the other hand, tend to be drier during an El Niño…Africa experiences December-February wetter than normal conditions in the Sahel region, which is equatorial Africa) along the southern edge of the Sahara desert. There also are drier than normal conditions in south-central Africa, mainly in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Botswana.” -Wiki.

Global heat and humidity distributions are changing thus we see these changes in temperature and rainfall across the world and this is because of changes in sea currents. What the quoted Wiki doesn’t say is how extreme the changes have been. When we say Southern California is wetter, we’re talking record almost breaking if not record breaking rainfall year after year. We’re talking famine conditions in central Afrcia. We’re talking a shift in the time winter settles on CANADA by MONTHS and Canada is FUCKING COLD. Do I need to go on for you to get my point?