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See, I would probably not mind if this guy kicked out of his job out of principle because of his overt religious practice which I believe he shouldn’t apply to his job, but I have to stand up for the guy against people that think “Sloan must be held responsible for the image-tarnishing events - even if he had no knowledge of wrongdoing before it occurred - and needs to go”. If the man hasn’t severely fucked up, there’s no reason to make him lose his job. Jesus christ! What the fuck is that? People are so fucking petty when it comes to shit happening that they need an immediate sense of satisfaction, a show, to appease their needs and make sure that if something bad happened, someone, doesn’t matter who, eats it. I think this is typical of society and that its fucking sad that in the end its a very real possibility that these people get their idiotic way. Shit like this is all too common. On all levels of society people ignore what’s right for what will make them feel right and by doing so, they often step on innocents’ toes, whether you’re dealing with kids that need to learn that the world is not out to get them and that they have a chance , or you’re dealing with elections, it is fucking wrong that people would just point fingers and demand for the simplest answer. Christ, look at Gray Davis. Is he a great guy, fuck no. Did he make a few mistakes. Fuck yes. Should he have been re-elected,I don’t think so but he was (note I think Bill Simon was a worse candidate). But now, because things aren’t peachy because the economy is getting slammed by issues that have arisen because of economic downturns, 2 wars, massive terrorist attacks and energy fraud, people seriously think a Viennese weight lifter is the solution. WTF?!

Bah. People are by nature shallow. they want to see things, and they don’t care if they have substance to them. Even if the action si wrong, they want to feel like they’re doing something right. What do you expect? They’re fools.

I think the guy is trying to solve all the grave problems there just with prayers and confession services. I have a motto that says “in everything you do, one million people praying is still less effective than the labor of a single person”.

If he went off his personal chapel and put some effort in solving all those problems, Baylor wouldn’t have its image severely scratched as it is now.

It’s a Baptist school, Sin. There’s no problem with applying religion, most likely Baptist views, to a fucking religious school. As a religious school, it is well within its bounds to be run as and SHOULD be run as a semi-religious instution. Their religion stresses guidance and help from God to cope with and resolve issues. Now, that does not mean they’re all waiting around praying hoping some divine light will materialize with tinkling music and fairy dust. Rather, it means that they pray to ask for God’s guidance and that through His guidance they will be able to solve their problems as befitting His plan.

As for the getting mad about the “he should go because of image” part, I wholeheartedly agree with you.

I’ve gone to religious schools for years. They should be burnt 8P.