Making Music Videos

I have Adobe Premiere but I dunno how to start :frowning: Can anyone explain in english just how I record, how I get set up, what I need, etc? Since I don’t have a lot of DVD’s, I want to settle for footage downloaded from websites (crappy I know, but I can practice, can’t I?) soo um just where do I start? What should my settings be? I really really want to learn but all of the guides confuse me…

Oh I’ve done very little. But I know setting with Most Video stuff are for where you want to send it.

Formats: (To work out where your are, Get any PS2 game that you bought in your country, theres 3 or 5 Letters depending which mode your TV and most Video Hardware in your contry.)
NSTC (J or A): Japan or American Stetting. It will have 60 or 30 Frame per second.
PAL: Europe setting. this has 50 or 25 Frames per sec.
There could be a steting called SECAM, which is an obcure French format.

Resoltuion/Ratio (Two differnt Settings affect each other)
Resoltion is how good it looks. 320x240 is a personal Favourte of mine, it not that noiceable unless to look closely. the Bigger the Numbers the more better it looks. ~700X~1000 is better normal telly restulon. I have no idea about the High Defintion telly since they don’t come out in the UK and are for America.
Ratio: 4x3 is normal tellys, 16x9 is widescreen. I use 4x3.

That bit was confusing. But just set the above settings to the output format. You will need to this when you’re making the movie. To keep qualty if your doing PC->PC set the setting to match the Bigest (in lenght of time) your going to use.

For Hardware. A Low-Mid range Digital Camcorder should do more your need. Several will have Firewire or iee1333 (2 name one plug type). (Looks like the Ilink socket in your PS2). (Some Fire wire Cameras can record stuff back on to it for the PC as if it was video)

Pc wise: you will need a way to take it in. I can comment unless I know want you’ve got. My recomedation to use Firewire than S-Video.

Depending on equipment you have do differnt things depending on the setup.

Once Pulged in and turned the Reconistion software should detect it. On screen there is a Video player-type controls. that controls the camrea. once you’ve seconds before the bit you want starts. hit Capture (or simlar)

S-video. Youll be forced to control the camrea by the remote or on the camrea. hit caturpre…

Eva. you’ve bought the hard-course nutters software. (I think the Movies people use a enhanced vertion of the it)

Videos on the net. try to Torrent it or use a P2P software or use mIRC(=chat (we’ve got a file transfer channel)). Ask TD and others about Torrents and mIRC.

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I’m Begining not to make sence and a Biggy topic too…

For basic useage of footage ripping and preparation for Adobe try here. You should alos google for things like premiere tutorial and read the sites that come up. Most of your basic use is explained far better with the pictures that these guys have (most of it is for uni students) rather than listening to me. Having wrong settings is rarely a drama in premiere, it just fucks up your timing :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, Premire REALLY doesnt like mp3’s, so convert the sounds into wav when working with them. If you need any specific help, feel free to ask me, Im good with premiere :stuck_out_tongue:

<a href=“”>RTFM!</a> :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously, they are <i>very</i> good. I read only a few guides, and some tips from VicBond007, and the few videos i made were pretty decent and painless. There is a steep learning curve, and these guides help you get over that. Most of them deal with capturing DVD footage, but i suppose you can skip that, and move straight to actually making the video.

Psh, learn it yourself!
That’s what I did >>;
Well, get all your footage ‘raw’… meaning no subtitles. So get your bandwidth stretched and ready for an ass reaming because you’ve got some downloading to do :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Other than that, it’s completely up to you what to do.

Ass reaming. Got it. And guys, my first guide was AMV ;_; But they were telling me to download ALL of this stuff that I have no idea what it’s good for and what it does…the amount of info overwhelmed me.

Ok, you should have specified.

and GOD DAMMIT Dev, get your own damn info :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me simplify what those guides were trying to tell you.
First, if you plan to work with DVD footage (almost certainly a must) there are several things you need to get. Most of them are handily included in the AMVpack that hosts.

The first is a DVD Ripper, to remove the information from the DVD in the first place. This will be in the raw VOB files from the DVD and not a lot of use to you :slight_smile:

Secondly, you need some way of being able to USE those files. The program that I use is called DVD2AVI. It turns the VOB files into AVI files or D2V files. The advantage of D2V is you dont have the worlds biggest AVI file (Sometimes needed 20+GB).

Once you have the D2V file, you need to be able to use it in Premiere. The AMVapp inculdes a program called AVISynth. Basically, its a simple scripting language that lets you use D2V files in Premiere once you have installed the plugin. With practise it also lets you remove interlacing, resize and clean up noise, all sorts of fun things. You cant break it, so feel free to play around. Its a very low level language, so watch out for spaces and things, they can screw things up. As a rule of thumb, there should usually be no spaces unless its from the enter key.

Ok, you have your wonderful AVIsynth file, so you import it into premiere. Now you can do what you like to it, since Premiere treats it like a simple AVI at this point.

The specifics are all in the Guide to everything technical about Audio and Video on the website I posted above.

If you have any problems, feel free to drop me a PM or post it here and I will be happy to walk you through the basic steps in video editing. Dont worry, it looks scary, but its really very easy when you think of it as the steps I outlined above :slight_smile: