Making Fiends

I posted about this on a different thread, but since it deserves its own…


Awsome. Thanks for sharing.

Annoying girl, rah!

That was… odd.

I’m not sure who’s scarier Vendetta, or Charlotte.

I’d say Charlotte.

Kitty! =^_^=

Man, I was hoping that thread title was a typo! =(

But that flash series is pretty sweet.

The other flash series by that creater, and are pretty cool too.

This by the same woman who did muffin films. Its pretty sweet.

That’s pretty cool. I misread it too.

Yeah, at first I thought it was called Making Friends.

Vendetta rocks.

Ah, yes, there have been plays on the words ‘friend’ and ‘fiend’ for centuries in this language, thanks to the fact that the two words stem from a common derivative, although it packed more of a punch in Old English, when the word feond (the ancestor of ‘fiend’) meant ‘enemy’ rather than an infernal denizen as it does today.


Er. … Yeah.