Making AMVs

… Yeah I’m trying to learn how to use Adobe Premier so I can make an AMV, or maybe I’m trying to make an AMV to force myself to learn adobe premier, I’m not sure anymore… Anyway I’m frustrated after poking around the internet for the last hour and just need a way to capture video from my trigun DvD, anyone know of a good program to do that?

Yeah good luck with that guide. With the shitload of info I’m surprised they don’t offer pop quizzes on the insane amount of material written up.

You can do AMV’s in Windows Movie Maker. It’s not really hard. Quality is a concern, though.


Man, you gotta learn the tricks yourSELF =P

Not when there’s that much technical shit in front of you!

Well to rip screens from a movie would require ripping the dvd which there are tools to do on the net.