Make your own Motivational Poster!

And post it here. I wanna see what you guys can do.
Here’s the generator.

Basically upload a picture, type in text, and there you go. I’m sure you guys will put it to good use.

That’s a black mage. >:(

Exactly, if the white mages are white people, and the black mages are black people, what are the blue mages? Silly 984.

They’re legendary and not real. Haven’t you been paying attention to 8Bit Theater?! >:(

haha oh god it’s images galore in her lj

edit: an eye for an eye, you got me.


better. sort of. sigh.

Fuck fuck fuck I wanted to see it :frowning:

Edit: Oh, imageshack was just being a bitch.
Lol webcams.

Meh. First thing I could think of.

sniff someday…

*edit: damn, I guess you can’t leech off of the website for the images.

that’s cool ^^

Bitch, please.

<img src=“”>

nuff said

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