Make up an outrageous lie about the above poster!

One hopes that this board can handle it. Got this idea from the Godawful boards.

Let’s begin.

StarStorm isn’t a cat, but a rabid dog in a cat’s body. He only acts like a cat to bite people and give them rabies.

Starstorm owns every sheryl crowe album ever made.

I was gonna make this thread -_-

Charlemange doesn’t eat faces, he actually spends time giving presents to orphanages.

What heavens soldier put under his age, despite what you think, IS funny!

Charle is actually a happy, fluffy bunny. Hopping through somes fields, at this very moment.

Heaven’s soldier hates fluffy bunnies, and is plotting to kill Charlie… and Sin.

Spaz is really short for Spazrim Taim, Maz’s brother, seperated at birth… and he’s gay.

Charle has hired Ash and a gang of other pokémon trainers to protect himself and the other bunnies.

Weilla is a man, baby!

She didn’t tell me this! cries

Charlie wishes Weiila was a man so he could have hot yaoi with her.

Spaz wishes HE was a man so he could have hot yaoi with Weiila!

StarStorm, Spazzy cat by day, President Kumaratunga by night.

That UFO really isn’t cute!

Charlie beat you, Vargos!

Merc’s eyes indeed don’t belong to him. They belong to Uriel.

That’s a LIE! You don’t belong!

Bitch, I get a free one, cuz nobody did me!

Next person has to do TWO! one for spaz and one for I!

Buy Charle and get one free.

Mercenary09 has ugly cats, and furthermore he likes to use toilets… which is kind of odd because he’s half dog… ON HIS MOTHERS SIDE
mwahahahahaha :mwahaha:

edit- goddamnit

Vargos is a poster with whom I am intimately familiar, on a multitude of levels, including the sexual. Oh yeah, and her mom too.

Kero didnt really beated the boss, i did.