whats his face doesnt really have the time to do it, he moved into campus and what not. and I’m too lazy to like to the html and shit. so I’ll be taking auditions. starting now. sticky this plz.


Shouldnt this be in the staff forum?

How do i audition? What do i do?

well, I’ll apply for the job, but first I have to know how to apply,
and then I have to know if i need to be staff first or not…

I should be hired for the sole reason that I’ll use a chocobo in a suit and sunglasses as my sprite.

just tell me that you’d be interested on doing it.

This really should go in the staff forum, non-staffers have no business hosting the mailbag. It’s an official RPGC section, thus it should be updated and maintained by staff members. If the general RPGC populus want to participate in the mailbag they send in their mail, thats how it works.

you’re right. but maybe some staff members will check THIS thread.

But it BELONGS on the staff forum, thats why it’s called the staff forum. It’s the forum, for the staff. So we can go through who’s gonna take over it there, more staff’ll see it there then here.

no stupid, i’m still in charge. i’m lookin for a cohost. i can like choose whoever i want

well, I’m interested in being a Co-host annnd I have lots of free time on my hands…might as well put it to good use

stickies Charles face

Oh, wait, you meant… ok >.>

I’m around a lot… I’ll do it.

I would tell you that I’m interested, but… i’m not speaking to you.

I’d do it, except I have Uni in a week or so. I’ll get back to you on this one.

Sorry guys but Char said I could do it like 2 months ago, so I win.

yeah, you win the DORK CONTEST!

Did you gety a cookie?

No, I said You were gonna get it! get it hard! MMPH! get over by that s-s-sapling and pull your p-p-p-panties down!