I absolutely love this series and thought it was worth th 4GB worth of harddrive so I will try to make a decent review using the X-Play formula.

Summary: Mai Tokiha is transferring to Fuuka Academy which has a well-known reputation. After arrival, she discovers that she is a hime, or a woman with magic capabilities. Sounds cliche but the series is claimed to be a parody of those cliches (magical girls, mecha, etc.) with the occasional fanservice. However if you get past the sexual humor, it can be a very enjoyable series.

Story: As mentioned above, the story is meant as a parody of some genres but later on grows into a serious and dark atmosphere. The first 7 episodes are more humor orientated while episode 8 begins to grow completely dark eventually into later episodes (still retaining some humor). Each episode just keeps growing interesting where I just found myself continuing to download every new episode that comes out.

Music: The score is just amazing despite some of the possibly nonsensical latin(?) lyrics and the occaisional engrish. The music was composed by Yuki Kajiura (of Xenosaga II and Noir fame)

Overall: I highly recommend this series to anybody. There’s A LOT of sexual jokes but they can be easily overlooked.

I give Mai-HiME a 5 out of 5.

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I am fucking sick of people finding out they are capable of magic abilities. Its been done to death. oh I can do magic? cool! Oh no, now that I learned magic, evil things are happening, and I have to protect some shit of some kind! But i’m going to have some whacky mishaps happen during that time, like walking in on girls changing, or bathing. Or accidently falling into cleavage and then get slapped around. and then get embarassed and go ^^’ hahaha oops.

Ideas get repeated all the time, especially if you’re parodying something. It’s the DETAILS that make things different. I’ll judge Mai-Hime when I see it. Thanks for the review, Cactu. :cool:

Mai-Hime was pretty cool. The ending was pretty cheesy though. It was way too happy.

And a second season is being made right now.

Mai Hime is stupid and overrated. It’s not a parody if it takes itself seriously. It’s just dumb. Haven’t anime fans seen these cliches a million times?

And what’s the deal with the guy that stands on the roof? He seems familiar.