What is it supposed to be? On my pc its just a bunch of weird text. Or is that what it is?

edit: nevermind got confused about what episode I had seen

It’s a torrent file for <a href = "!" target = “new”>PPD</a> 25, which is only the greatest show ever

About time.

I was about to get into The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzu-whatever

also holy shit eva references ahoy :3

You should, it’s awesome.

That ep was wierd as shit, and reminded me why that series is so great. I also didnt really get what all had happened, since I had last seen ep11.

This is the REAL reason this episode rocked:

Rei as KOS-MOS in the eyecatch. How do I know it’s KOS-MOS and not just a generic android? 1: Headpiece. 2: Weaponry. 3: The GARTER

There anywhere I can nab just the first ep? My curiosity has been throroughly piqued but not enough to take the time torrenting entails.