Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi

Finally saw the end; I liked this series very much, only it almost seemed to rush right at the end.

More references for the Movie Episode:

*The vendor turned into Elvis Presley, of course. I assume the Angels turned into Presley Movie Schoolgirls.
*Mune’s head spun and threw up like in The Exorcist.
*The Hollywood Sign is, well, from a hundred movies set in Hollywood, doh.
*And there are dozens of zombie movies.
*Many movies took place on buildings surrounded by police, but my guess is DIE-HARD.
*The slow-motion scene is from The Matrix.
*The twister must be from TWISTER. (DUH again!)
*The building turned into the TITANIC.
*And the they fell into a hijacked airplane. Must be from the AIRPORT movies. :stuck_out_tongue:
*You can see old movie company logos near the end (United Artists lady, Metro Goldwin Meyer lion, 21st century Fox, and Steven Spielberg’s ET on the bike.)

I need help identiying these:
*Grandpa’s speech about being a lumberjack;
*The sex-by-touching-hands scene.
*The scene where a guy falls off Mount Rushmore.
*Why the Abeno Angels turned into vehicles.
*The rocket-powered elevator.

I can’t believe I didn’t get the Ranma reference! -_-

The lumberjack is from Monty Python, I don’t know the others.

Wil, was one of the first episodes you saw the Gundam one? So far that one had the most panty jokes.

Yup, that was what almost drove me away- too bad, because Sci Fi Anime references are my favorites! Thank goodness they quit that.

(Thought I don’t mind the boob jokes :mwahaha: But hey, I’m an adult; if not for the adult humor, I could recommend the series to everybody.)

Actually, that’s Marshall Law’s 3 somersaults, from Tekken. It’s not the Super Somersault because of the character’s costume (a Bruce Lee knockoff).

Plus, the way the somersault is done is reminescent of 3-D fighting game somersaults, so it’s Tekken and not Street Fighter.

Juss correctin.

It’s cool, man. I’m more of an SF mark anyway, and it’s the first thing that came to mind at 2am. I can see it now that you do mention it… :cool:

Evil people. Unless you want to see nude people, don’t read the manga. -_- I just got it yesterday (Completely overlooking the Parental Warning), and to make me stop going EEEEK! at the thought of it I had to censor it. XD

Very cool, another SF mark here. Although I’'m more of a fighting game mark, so I tend to know these things more than most.

Too bad, as I said Abenobashi is fun and touching. It’s full of perv humor because the show was geared for Otakus (japanese fanboys) and they like that stuff a lot (plus it isn’t considered that shocking in Japan.) By all means, censor it with a magic marker or something, but don’t miss the story.

Speaking of which, I think I’ll explain the confusing parts for those who still don’t get them. This series can be hard to understand (not as much as Evangelion, but still, some people might need help.) Don’t read unless you have already seen the ending:

[SPOILER]A thousand years ago, there lived a japanese sorcerer named Abeno Seimei (an actual legendary figure; he shows up in the Persona video games, too) who could use “Omnyu Way” magic (yes, they call it a science, but for all practical purposes, it’s magic.) He fell in love with Mune, the wife of his best friend, Majiki. When his friend found out, he went insane and killed her and then himself. Shocked, Abeno tried to change reality with a spell, to bring his friends back to life.

Somehow, this transported him to the year 1955. (No, I don’t understand why, either. Unless the spell misfired and brought him to an era were they were reincarnated instead of changing the past.) Mune and Majiki lived there, but they had no memory of him. The two weren’t married yet, either, so he figured he could romance Mune with no problem now. He also was now an engineer in charge of designing the Abenobashi Arcade, which was about to be built back then (and was named after his original name. He used the name Eutus now.) He designed it as a focus for magic (the Four Beast statues represent the Guardians of the Four Compass Points (north, south, etc.) in Feng Shui (chinese) mysticism. Note: You can see versions of the Guardians in other anime, like DIGIMON and YUYU HAKUSHO.)

Unfortunately, Majiki still loved Mune, and (while drunk) almost tried to kill Eutus. However, the mage realized that things were going to end in tragedy again, and decided to just disappear (apparently moving into a world of his creation to live, one that resembled the ancient Japan of his earlier life.) However, he didn’t know (or decided to ignore) one thing: he’d left Mune pregnant. Not terribly responsible, is he?

Mune and Majiki never got together in this life. (Maybe they would have had without Eutus’ intereference.) Each married other people. Mune became Succhi’s grandmother, and Majiki became Arumi’s grandfather. Of course, nobody but the three of them knew what had happened, and only Eutus knew about the magical part.

Mune eventually died, still pining for Eutus.

Eutus at least did visit his son once (the part where he jumps out of the drawer is a homage to DOREAMON) and gave him a book of Omnyu Magic so his son could continue the tradition, I guess. Hower, Succhi’s father eventually gave up on the magic, thinking it was only good for creating fake worlds but not changing the real one.

Apparently, Succhi inherited the ability to use magic. That, coupled with the remanents of the original spell (and possibly, the shattering of the Beast Statues) caused the creation of the alternate Abenobashis when a shocking event (Majiki’s death) caused reality to be unnaceptable to him.

(Note: it seems like the reality shift happened RIGHT AWAY, and that Majiki died instantly. The kids just didn’t notice then, because the first fake reality was just like the real world, but with Majiki hurt, not dead. But this world began to corrupt, turning into the RPG one (which was based on the Dragon Warrior games, btw) probably because Succhi’s unconscious mind was getting bored with reality.)

(Note also, that Eutus hinted that the breaking of the statues WAS the cause for Abenobashi’s bad luck thru the years.)

Anyway, Succhi had NO direct control, or even knowledge, that it was his own Otaku imagination that was creating those worlds, at first. (Again, note an important point, which I noticed early on but the kids didn’t: if Succhi was creating the worlds, but he never knew his grandma or Eutus, he couldn’t have included them in his fabrications. They had to be REAL people. Well, in Mune’s case, a real ghost.) (By that same token, his father’s absence from each of the fake world meant that he, too, was special. Thought I didn’t miss him at all until the last episode.)

As Succhi began to understand what was going on, and studied the Omnyu Way, he gained some control over the realities- but obviously not enough, or he would have just created one where everything was perfect for him and Arumi would never have noticed (ironically, this is what the first false world -in the first episode- was, but Succhi ruined it unconsciously.)

In one episode, we see Grandpa in a hospital, remembering his incident with Eutus and Mune. This couldn’t have been the REAL Grandpa, who was dead at the time. Unless it was his ghost, materilizing like Mune did.)

In the end, with Eutus’s help (FINALLY moving his butt to help for real) activated Succhi’s full latent power by awakening his spirit… which turned out to belong to an old rival of his! (in the legends.) Anyway, Succhi (apparently) succeded in doing what Eutus could not: change the past FOR REAL, saving Grandpa AND keeping Arumi close to him.

Then again, we see Abeno and Mune in the end, finally together, with new lives. How to explain this? Was this Eutus’s doing? Or is this, again, another fake world, just the one Succhi was trying to create all along? Does that mean that elsewhere, in the REAL world, not only is Grandpa still dead, but Succhi and Arumi are still missing?

No clue yet.[/SPOILER]

Hope that helps. ^^

A bit late, but since I’m so happy I recognised some of the references in the dating sim ep, I thought I’d put them here:

[SPOILER]When Sasshi’s sister listed all the names she could call him, it was referencing ‘Sister Princess’.

Arumi’s dad and grampa were dressed up like Freddy and Jason (Duh).

The thing with the glasses and antenna on Sasshi’s girlfriend was referencing to Naru from ‘Love Hina’.[/SPOILER]