Magic questions...

Heh. I still have the RPGC set I’ve worked on a bit. T’s a bit unbalanced (too many legends at that).

But still.

There’s a set of five cards I’m working on that while in play, makes all creatures into one creature type and gives them an ability. When the enchantment is destroyed, all creatures of that type are destroyed (Esentially wiping out all creatures).

Here’s the cards I have so far:

StarStorm’s Angelic Army 3W (Uncommon)
All creatures in play are Angels.
All Angels gain the ability “1W - Until end of turn, whenever this creature deals damage you gain 1 life.”
When StarStorm’s Angelic Army leaves play destroy all Angels, they can’t be regenerated.
Frankly, there is no better way to put a fear of God into your enemy like these badasses. - StarStorm, on Archangels

Poke’s Zombie Assault 3B (Uncommon)
All creatures in play are Zombies.
All Zombies gain the ability “1B- Regenerate this creature.”
When Poke’s Zombie Assault leaves play destroy all Zombies, they can’t be regenerated.
When ‘I’ll be back’ isn’t just a cliché. -Pokefreak_85, on Zombies.

Cala’s Squirrel Squad 3G (Uncommon)
All creatures in play are Squirrels.
All Squirrels gain the ability “1G- This creature gains trample until end of turn.”
When Cala’s Squirrel Squad leaves play destroy all Squirrels, they can’t be regenerated.

I need Blue and Red. Any ideas? Especially those who run Blue or Red decks… heee…

Do I really even need to bother pointing out how ridiculously overpowered your white card is? No seriously, my Library of Liam, Ivory Tower and copy artifact trio which lets me never discard and gain two lives for every card over 5 every turn doesn’t even come close to this card when it comes to giving you insane amounts of life and that combo is only tournament legal on a technicality.

Originally posted by Dark Sand
Do I really even need to bother pointing out how ridiculously overpowered your white card is?

Yeah, I figured so Dark Sand. It was just a suggestion given to me actually, I should probably change it but have NO idea what to give them yet. Meh. That was Pokefreak’s suggestion also. That or Flying, and giving EVERY CREATURE ACROSS THE BOARD flying is kinda… well, stupid. That and I ACTUALLY to be honest don’t know rules define which cards are tournament legal. Which is fine, since this isn’t really meant for tournaments, just casual play.

I could just slash the abilities, like in the originals. I don’t think they were meant to be much beyond support cards for strategic Combos, like Poke’s Zombie Assault and Soulless One, or maybe setting up something like Wrath of God with a Disenchant.

Changed the card though.

Edit: Actually, when you think of it, giving it a cost of 1W to give it flying would probably make it less stupid…

Yeah, sure…
Blame me :confused:

Anyway, it <I>was</I> my suggestion, but… meh… It was just a loose idea that I told you without bothering to think about it :stuck_out_tongue:

It could always be balanced out by making some abilites more expensive, but that would sort of ruin the symmetry…

And I only said flying because angels have wings, and they fly.
Besides, if everyone gets flying, there’ll still be huge differences…
Flying affects more than just blocking, there’s tons of card that only affects creatures with or without flying, so giving them flying isn’t that stupid…

MAybe I’m just a simple player, but I’m really only thinking in the case of spells liek Hurricane.

After searching for cards with “target creature with flying” I got 21 hits.
After searching for “target creature without flying” (these are becom completely useless) I got 11 hits.
After searching for “all creatures with flying” I got 6 hits.
After searching for “all creatures without flying” I got 2 hits.

That’s 40 cards that are affected by giving all creatures flying.
Could be more, because I’ve just made a quick check…
And It could really fsck up some strategies.

Like the zombie card.
It both helps my deck and ruins it.
It will make my Soulless Ones big as hell, but it will destroy my Bidding/Ghoul combo…
(Patriarch’s Bidding + Noxious Ghoul (and some other zombies) in graveyard = I get a lot of creatures, opponent gets a lot of creatures that die because all nonzombie creatures get -lots/-lots uet)

(Still like the card though, 'cause it will make a Soulless One with fear into an insta-gibber :D)

The REd suggestion:

Shalcar’s Goblin Grenadiers 3R (Uncommon)
All creatures in play are Goblins.
All Goblins gain the ability “1R, Sacrifice this creature - Target creature takes 3 damage.”
When Shalcar’s Goblin Grenadiers leaves play destroy all Goblins, they can’t be regenerated.
Just point and shoot, just dont expect them to come back. - Shalcar, on Goblins.

So all you need now is Blue. Exactly what sort of creatures would you connect with that colour? (I’ve never actually played the game)

Ackbars army of squids.


Mabat’s Merfolk Merchants 3Bl (Uncommon)
All creatures in play are Merfolk
All Merfolk gain the ability “1B: If unblocked, you may draw a card instead of dealing combat damage”
When Mabat’s Merfolk Merchants leaves play destroy all Merfolk, they can’t be regenerated.
“You’ll never, EVER want to take boat over Atlantis again…” - Mabatsekker, Blue Magi Merchant

Wow, that’s incredibly broken. And Merfolk are leaving Magic anyway. As for blue…

All creatures are Faeries.
All Faeries are unblockable.
When [CARDNAME] leaves play, all players sacrifice all Faeries.

Hey, I haven’t played MTG in ages, and my fav decks were based on elves and merfolk, but green was taken, so… :stuck_out_tongue:

Meh. Faeries are good, but I think I’d give them the flying ability. Unblockable is a bit out of it.

??? Faerie Force 3U (Uncommon)
All creatures in play are Faeries.
All Faeries gain the ability “1U - This creature gains flying until end of turn.”
When ??? Faerie Force leaves play destroy all Faeries, they can’t be regenerated.