Magic ideas

I am currently thinking about another project of mine, a novel I have been writing for quite some years. of course I have scrapped the original version (I was probably 14 when I finished it) and have since been adding on, revising and changing A LOT of things, and re writing it on the comp. However I am never satisfied and have started again.

But, each main character in my story is in control over a certain element. there are 9 of them, and here’s what I have:

Plasma (don’t ask, it’s a Kirby thing >.>)

I originally also had Ice and Mist added in there, but Ice is basically Water, so I put those in the same category, and also got rid of Mist because at the time when I was writing I couldn’t think of a 9th element so that was my “fall guy” element so to speak. I’m thinking of adding Light or Holy, but…here’s the thing

Some time in my life I will bring in 9 other characters to face off against the ones who control the elements above, but these guys will have kind of universal, weird elements/magic to control.
So far, I have got listed:

Mind (“tele” stuff)
Phantom (character can assume the identity of a person inside and become a dead person, whilst in this form inhieriting all strong attributes and stuff like that at will, they can also attack supernaturally)

Does Holy belong here? Or in the first list above with the “normal” elements so to speak? And can anyone list of any weird magic types to add to my second list? I need 9 and I’m kinda stuck…any suggestions appreciated :slight_smile:

EDIT: I read in a Chinese Interior Decorating book a few weeks ago (yes go on, laugh) that Wood made up one of the five elements. What are “Wood’s” attributes and whatnot? If someone were to have command over it, what would it do?

Wood could be control of plants and what-not. I belive the five elements in that chinese thing are Fire, Water, Metal, Earth, and Wood. You could have Metal. The ones you have listed are good, though.

And no, I do not think “Holy” is a real element…the cloest you can get is Light.

How could light and metal be used offensively? I have a vague idea of how, but I’d like to hear it from someone else’s point of view to see if I’m overlooking anything:get it?:

Nothing ridiculous about Wood being an Element, Evangelion; in the ORIENTAL concepts of the Basic Elements, wood WAS an Element, as was Metal. (The others were Water, Fire and Earth, I think.) The book you mention must be about Feng Shuei (I think I mispelled that) the Chinese art of placing things (furniture, mainly) in relation to natural forces to bring good luck.

Well, the thing with “Elements” is that everyone has his or her idea of what they should be. If you’re a purist, you’ll stick to the classic Four (Earth, Air, Water, Fire); if you go for Oriental, see above.

Personally, I think that any substance or force that can be used, transformed or controlled should be considered an “element”. My List:
Poison (covers all toxic substances)
Animals (also covers humans)
Wood (plants)
Heat (not the same as fire, fire needs fuel and air)
Plasma (energy from Time/Space)
Mana (pure magical energy, with no “element”)
Psionic (mental energy)

Hope that helps!

Ahhh very very much so!!! Kudos WM!! I feel a some new ideas sparking already with the elements you have just listed.

And yes it was Feng however it’s spelled:hahaha; Quite interesting concepts and that’s where I got the Wood idea from. Very complex stuff, for placement suggestions.

As for how metal and Light could be used offensively…

Well, with Metal, one could shape metal objects or forge blades, maybe. And Light…well, a laser is just concentrated light.

I call Antimatter =D

Hmmm I’m remembering this I created from a long time ago…


Those people of the Dark Element tend to be loners, distant from society. They often have different, stranger mindsets than others do, and one of the things core to their belief is that darkness is beautiful. They tend not to be very charismatic though, but those who do often have a following of other "outcasts". Also, the more charismatic ones make excellent devil's advocates. In any case, their presence seems to unsettle others.
Good: Dark Elementals who are good tend to fall into two categories: "Goths", which need no explaining, and those who feel balance is necessary. To them, Darkness teaches balance. After all, can there be Light without Shadow? While they may be good aligned, too much good and too much evil are equally distasteful. They do not preach this ideology, however, since few actually listen, and few of the Dark Element actually care.
Evil: Evil Dark Elementals also fall into two main types: The archetypical "Mwahaha! I'm dark, I'm evil, and I'm scary!" types, who often form or join cults of outcasts and perform dark rituals (real or not) to exact revenge upon the society that spurned them. While notable, they are not as dangerous as the second type, who tend to be more successful than the crazy ones. The other group are tempters, offering to sate lusts for sex, power, knowledge, and various other things "for a price", subtly ensnaring other souls and bringing them to the darkness that they love. Either way, Evil Dark Elementals are among some of the most vile creatures to walk this planet.
Opposed Elements: Light
Elemental Weapons:
Effects: Sleep - Invisible


Those of the Light Element then to be quick to say a good word, charismatic, and VERY popular. When someone tells them that they are a "light in their life", it fits all too well. Moving through their social circles with almost unnatural ease, they are at home with a lot of people, friends or not, nearby, and often have an entourage of admirers. Even those who stay outside conventional social circles are well received by those outside of them, and easily tolerated by those within.
Good: Good-aligned Light Elementals then to be quick with a good word, a kind ear, or anything else that will make another feel better. They genuinely care for others and this caring and their natural charisma means that they are never alone in life. However, while they may seem unapproachable at first glace, they are affable to those who do. While they can be intelligent, air-headed, beautiful, homely... it doesn't matter. You can't help but not like them.
Evil: Evil Light Elementals are, to put it simply, childish. They seem like good-aligned Light Elementals... until they stab you in the back. While Light Elementals are often prone to gossip, intentional or not, the evil ones are skilled at using it as a weapon. They are very subtle, making themselves look like saints while their victims become laughingstocks, outcasts, or worse. One would be wise not to attack one of this sort, verbally or otherwise, as they often need not lift a finger... those who admire them and curry favor to them will shatter you like spun glass. While they tend to gravitate to positions of political and social power, however, if caught alone, they are easily outmatched.
Opposed Elements: Dark
Elemental Weapons:
Effects: Blind - Image


People of the Holy Element tend to be highly faithful people. No matter what deity they follow, they have the utmost belief that their deity will protect and guide them, and they gain strength from that. Because of their great faith, Holy Elementals are sometimes zealous in the practice of their religion, and it's defense. Holy Elementals are as varied as the religions of the world, and may be found anywhere, and any time. The need for faith, especially in times of crisis, transcends boundaries.
Good: Good Holy Elementals cannot be fit into a mold or generalization. From the crusading paladin, to the sermonizing priest, and the quiet layman, they can be anywhere, any time. Good Holy Elementals can be found in almost every religion, and tend to be tolerant of other faiths, even if they do not agree with the faith. However, Good Holy Elementals NEVER follow evil deities, and dislike followers of evil deities, sometimes to the point of attacking on sight. Most of the time though, they are content to do good works in the name of their deity, sermonize and convert others, and live a holy life.
Evil: Like Good Holy Elementals, Evil Holy Elementals are varied, and unlike their good counterparts, may be found in any religion. The archetypical Evil Holy Elemental (sometimes called Unholy Elementals) is the dark priest, celebrating and officiating dark rites that praise deities best left forgotten. However, Evil Holy Elementals can be found in good religions too, often perverting the teachings of the deity to serve their ends... or perhaps believing they do good, but too stubborn in their faith to realize otherwise. Other evil followers can include the religious extremist, hating followers of other faiths, beliefs, or sects with a passionate zeal. They often attempt to convert followers, but if they are resistant to conversion, the Evil Holy Elemental will kill them, believing them abominations in the sight of their god. Like Good Holy Elementals, they can be found everywhere.
Opposed Elements: Holy (Good Holy opposes Evil Holy (Unholy) and Vice versa)
Elemental Weapons: Appropriate to religion (Mace is default)
Effects: Curse/Great Curse - Bless


Mind Elementals tend to be highly intellectual people, eagerly seeking out new knowledge, out of curiosity, a desire to help others, or to gain an advantage over others. It does not matter. To Mind Elementals, knowledge is not a means to an end, but the end in itself. And to many Mind Elementals, sharing their vast stores of knowledge is a sweet pleasure. At times, though, their staggering intellects can be disturbing. Unlike typical stereotypes, Mind Elementals aren't all pasty, thin, weak and bookish "nerds" and "geeks", although the bookish type lends itself well to the Element. This Element is also associated with psychic phenomena.
Good: Good Mind Elementals tend to be wise men/women, sages, and great teachers. Indeed, a student of a Good Mind Elemental is blessed greatly. Good Mind Elementals enjoy giving their advice and guidance to others. While they tend to look down on those less intelligent than they are, they still enjoy teaching them, in hopes of helping others less mentally capable. Some Good Mind Elementals are scientists and researchers, discovering new advances in technology and magic for the benefit of all.
Evil: Evil Mind Elementals are varied as well. The archetypical Evil Mind Elemental is the mad scientist, creating instruments of destruction and performing mad experiments for their insane agendas. Other Mind Elementals seek out dark, arcane secrets long buried, often for good reason. Still others gather knowledge and information about other people, blackmailing the unlucky souls to get what they want. But probably the worst of all is the Evil Psionicist, who uses the psychic abilities that come naturally to those of this element for their bids for power, or sadistic enjoyment. Pity the mental slaves of these demented people, for they do not even have the freedom to think for themselves.
Opposed Elements: Body
Elemental Weapons:
Effects: Confuse -


Body Elementals seek physical perfection. They seem continually healthy, rarely getting sick, and hardly ever set back by the illnesses. Body Elementals tend to be very active, athletic people, who enjoy going out and participating in sports and such activities. They often enjoy helping others achieve physical perfection, or at the least, physical fitness. The typical stereotype is the dumb jock, with more muscle than brains, but that isn't as common as believed; many Body Elementals are very intelligent. However, when presented the choice to go outside and play football (or another sport), or play chess (or a similarly intellectual game), they will choose the sport almost every time. Body Elementals also tend to be highly competitive, and not just in sports.
Good: Good Body Elementals use their physical might and ability to help others weaker than they are. They enjoy helping others become stronger and more physically capable too, seeing physical fitness and health good for pretty much anyone. Other Good Body Elementals are not as fanatical about fitness, but they do enjoy being active, not necessarily in exercise and sports, but in volunteer work and other endeavors where their abilities are put to use.
Evil: To put it nicely, an Evil body Elemental is a Darwinian brute. Might is right, and the strong take whatever they want from the weak. Often little more than thugs, they usually lack the planning or patience to make long term plans (indeed, a Body Elemental that does have that capability is absolutely terrifying.) Evil Body Elementals tend not to be very bright, and can be easily outwitted. However, one cannot underestimate them, for their physical strength can be a deciding factor, and it may also hide an agile intelligence and quick wit.
Opposed Elements: Mind
Elemental Weapons:
Effects: Disease - 


Those of the Earth Element tend to be very reliable people, with a great sense of responsibility. While often stubborn and set in their ways, Earth Elementals are honest, forthright (usually) and are great believers in law and order. To an Earth Elemental, stability is everything, and they will tolerate a tyranny, if the other alternative is anarchy. They are very often conservative, and sometimes have an active, reactionary resistance to change. No matter what however, one is wise to put trust in an Earth Elemental to fulfill her debts and keep her promises. One warning though: an angered Earth Elemental is like an earthquake: random, devastating, and terrifying.
Good: Good Earth Elementals are even more reliable and trustworthy than normal. While they trust in the law to do what is best for the most concerned, they are not afraid to make changes to the order to benefit more people. The police officer tirelessly cleaning up a neighborhood and the judge making sure that all cases are treated justly and fairly are good examples. They rarely initiate change, however, often waiting until things go to hell before enacting it.
Evil: Evil Earth Elementals tend also to be reliable people, although slightly less trustworthy. They usually guard their words carefully, to prevent themselves from entering promises and debts that will set them back, while carefully tracking debts owed and promises made to them. They rarely break the law, but Evil Earth Elementals are quick to discover loopholes to circumvent the law when necessary: they follow the letter, not the spirit. They have no mercy on those who break the law, even for good reason. Evil Earth Elementals are less concerned with justice and fairness, however, and will oppose such if it sets them back. They also are very judgmental, but usually judge upon race, religion, and such criteria, and rarely on merit. A conniving politician or tyrant who keeps strict order are good examples.
Opposed Elements: Wind, Electricity
Elemental Weapons:
Effects: Petrify - Stone Body


Ever changing, like the winds and weather, Wind Elementals are chaos personified, or at least close. They are great believers in change, and sometimes feel that if it is new, it must be better. They change and adapt quickly and easily to new situations, but sometimes they have a reactionary hatred of law and order. They keep promises only if they feel like it or it suits them, although Good Wind Elementals keep them more often. They hold little to no regard for established traditions and laws, and are often liberal, sometimes in the extreme.
Good: The social activist, crusading lawyer, or liberal poli-sci student, they enact change not just for it's own sake, but to make life better for all. While they tend less to have a hatred of law and order, they believe serious changes must be made. Occasionally, Good Wind Elementals are revolutionaries, overthrowing evil tyrants so others can be free to do what they will. Freedom is most important to them, and while they do not hate government, they heavily resent being controlled unnecessarily.
Evil: Evil Wind Elementals personify the raging tempest. They are often anarchists, seeking chaos and anarchy for it's own sake. Chaotic in the extreme, they tend to hate law with a passion, and seek to tear down all governmental institutions, no matter how good they are. Some Evil Wind Elementals are like Body Elementals: Might makes right, and they have Might, so they can take what they want. Rarely do Evil Wind Elementals create institutions of their own.
Opposed Elements: Earth
Elemental Weapons:
Effects:  Slow - Fast


Electric Elementals enjoy surprising friends and enemies, and shocking (pun intended) the unwary. They enjoy surprises and pranks, and have a quick wit with such. While their relation to the Wind Element lends some of its chaos to it; they do not have the anarchic and restless nature of the Wind Element. However, they are EXTREMELY unpredictable, and it is very hard to predict what they will do next. They revel in this however, and see it as a way of spicing up what would normally be a dull and dreary life. Their wit does not make them good verbal sparring partners... if one plans to win.
Good: Good Electricity Elementals tend to be lighthearted pranksters, performing sometimes cruel pranks, but never out of malice. They have an excellent sense of fun, and get bored easily. They are jesters and comedians, and are actually very funny, lightening spirits all around with their antics. However, if angered, their pranks take a more malicious tone, and can easily hurt the unwary, no matter if it is pride, body, or mind. One is best not to fool with someone who could easily outwit you. Some Electric Elementals just like shocking people, and tend to be extroverts, challenging established taboos as long as it does not hurt anyone.
Evil: Evil Electric Elementals are less pranksters and more psychotic deviants. They enjoy shocking people just to provoke a reaction, and have no qualms about doing whatever it takes to do so. They are capable of gruesome murder, extreme torture, vicious rape and much more. The reactions they provoke most are hatred and disgust, and few with any sense of right and wrong can tolerate Evil Electricity Elementals, save other Evil Electricity Elementals. Whatever their twisted desires are, they will go to any length to fulfill them. They break taboos themselves, but more disgusting taboos. One would be wise to get as far from these sadistic people as quickly as possible, as they are completely indiscriminate.
Opposed Element: Earth, Water
Elemental Weapons:
Effects: Paralyze - 


Sonic Elementals are extreme extroverts that enjoy performing for others. Acting, singing, storytelling, ad whatnot come easily to them. A bard is a good example of a Sonic Elemental. While the skills of Sonic Elementals vary, they are all extremely charismatic, even more so than Light Elementals. Sonic Elementals make excellent orators and debaters, and are happiest when they are performing for a group. If they get a lot of applause and fame, well, that's just a sweet bonus.
Good: Good Sonic Elementals perform not just for a love of their art, but also to uplift the spirits of those around them. There is nothing more beautiful than listening to a Good Sonic Elemental sing and they often care less about fame and money. Wherever they go, hope, happiness and joy tends to follow, and they enjoy spreading it most of all. Those who don't enter the performing arts often become great orators, easily able to convince an audience, and even their opponent of their views. They are the voice of the downtrodden, oppressed, and miserable, and those people would do well to have a Good Sonic Elemental to speak for them.
Evil: Possibly not as evil as other elementals, Evil Sonic Elementals are mainly out for themselves. Money and power are more important, and while they are extremely capable in the performing arts, a lot of them cynically manipulate the system, mainly because it is easier. They do not care about the arts, seeing them as a means to an end. Evil Sonic Elementals often reach for power by enchanting those around them, and happily use groupies and admirers for their own ends and pleasures. Most of all, Evil Sonic Elementals personify artists turned cynical and debauched.
Opposed Elements:
Elemental Weapons: Harp, 
Effects: Silence - Wall


Alternately patient and impatient, lazy and active, Time Elementals run the gamut. However, they have one thing in common: They get things done. Perhaps understanding better than most that time waits for no one, they are active in their endeavors and seek to perform their duties as quickly and as thoroughly as possible... usually. Time Elementals are excellent in positions of power, because regardless of what must be done, it will be done, guaranteed. Time Elementals perform well under stress, and they appear unruffled most of the time. They are not all work and no play, however, they recognize the need for relaxation time, and are just as happy working hard in an office as they are lazing around on a couch.
Good: Good Time Elementals seek to do good things, and a Good Time Elemental in a position of power is a wonderful thing, because good things WILL happen. They lend themselves well to good causes and people, and make excellent workers and assistants. They tend to be less patient than others are though, mainly because they want something done, they want it done as quickly as possible, so the benefits come sooner.
Evil: Evil Time Elementals are more patient, taking their time in their endeavors. Better done slow and right than quick and not at all. This patience does extend to people too, so they are occasionally good in this regard. However, Evil Time Elementals are equally methodical and merciless, and do not care who gets in their way: all obstacles can be torn down with time and effort. Sadly, they are frequently successful in what they do, and they make dangerous long-term opponents. They have trouble dealing with quick actions though, and a quick, intelligent, and determined opponent can stop an Evil Time Elemental with surprising ease. Thus they almost always take into account the actions of others, and always have contingency plans.
Opposed Elements:
Elemental Weapons:
Effects: Stop - Double


Fire Elementals are characterized by one thing: a great passion. It doesn't matter if it's a passion for love, art, gaming, food, or anything else, they hold onto it and follow it with a near-religious zeal. They get bored easily, however, and often flit from one passion to another, as each burns out and cools. They can be greatly annoying, as they can go on quite a while about what their current love is, and then the next day blow it off as old and tired.
Good: Good Fire Elementals busy themselves with good causes, although the cause can change frequently (the Good Fire Elemental that stays with a cause for any appreciable length of time is rare, but welcome). The causes tend to benefit, as their zeal rubs off on others in the short time they stay. They are very sociable people, almost like Light Elementals, and are often very charismatic.
Evil: Evil Fire Elementals are passionate too, but more about nihilism. Angry, disaffected, and destructive, they tend to be like Evil Wind Elementals. They are anarchists, but they destroy simply because they can, usually, otherwise they destroy out of hatred for... well, almost everything. They tend not to make long term plans, but those who do are very dangerous. They tend to attract others to their viewpoints easily, and often build up quite a following.
Opposed Elements: Water, Ice
Elemental Weapons:
Effects: Burn - Zeal


Water Elementals are the exact opposite of Fire Elementals: They tend to be quite serene and quiet. Water Elementals seem at peace with the world, and outbursts of anger or passion from them tend to be extremely rare. However, if one does rile them, they have all the fury of a hurricane behind them. Some call them passive-aggressive, some call them bastions of calm, but a Water Elemental tends to calm emotions around them, wherever they go. They are not completely absent of emotion however, they simply control them well.
Good: Good Water Elementals are some of the calmest around, preferring to think things through before letting their emotions guide them. A Good Water Elemental makes a good planner, because they tend to focus on the big picture more than others do. They do not like confrontation though, and like water, prefer to work their way around obstacles. They are very subtle folk, and often see opportunities that others miss.
Evil: Evil Water Elementals do not actually make grand plans to dominate or such, often preferring to be the power behind the throne. Subtle and manipulative, they tend not to be visible until their opponents are within their grasp, and by then, it is almost always far too late. They are merciless in their actions, destroying anything that stands in their way, and they tend to be a bit more tolerant of confrontation.
Opposed Elements: Fire, Electricity
Elemental Weapons: Trident,
Effects: Poison/Deadly Poison - 


Even calmer than their Water counterparts, Ice Elementals can be considered cold and emotionless. To put it simply, Vulcans have absolutely NOTHING on them. They are not prone to outbursts, and in fact, an enraged Ice Elemental is about as rare as a meteor striking the earth. In fact, you would do well to put your money on the meteor. They are almost rigidly logical thinkers, unmoved by emotional pleas, thinking everything through before acting. They are like Time Elementals in this regard, however, they do not have the overwhelming sense of time that Time Elementals have. 
Good: Good Ice Elementals are unfazed by emotional pleas of what is best. Their logical minds will often find the best course of action that does the most good, but they tend to be somewhat painful in the beginning, as such does not sway them, and think very far ahead. If one can take some possible suffering, a Good Ice Elemental is excellent in power. They tend not to favor anyone for any reason (not even their friends.) 
Evil: Evil Ice Elementals are cold, brutal, and merciless. They do what they must to get what they want, and damn whoever gets in their way. They rarely have friends... usually allies, if you could call them that, which they use pitilessly in pursuit of their goals. They will use, kill, and hurt anyone in the way... and walk through unconcerned by petty things such as morality, love, and respect. They truly have no concept of mercy... or perhaps more terrifying, they do know what mercy is but do not care about it. 
Opposed Elements: Fire
Elemental Weapons: 
Effects: Freeze - Shell


Some people consider Life and Death to be two different Elements, mainly because they affect personality in different ways, and their magic manifests in different ways. However, they are one Element: Life is the base Element, with Death known as the Anti-Element. 
Life Elementals tend to have a great respect for nature and the natural order. While they tend to look askance on what they see as unnatural (technology, strange creatures that do not seem natural, undead, and the like,) they are only roused in defense of the natural order. They do not get along well with most others, feeling that few others have the respect for nature that they do, and they do not like others destroying natural areas and creatures for their own gain. 
Other Life Elementals follow Death: they respect the natural order, but what they hate most are things that appear to have exceeded their (ordinarily) natural life (they usually hold a special hatred for undead,) seeking to return what is dead to it's rightful place in the natural cycle. Surprisingly, they are somewhat hypocritical, since they tend toward necromancy, and are willing to raise the dead to protect the natural order (something a "Life" Elemental would NEVER do.) However, most will put their unliving servants to rest once their job is complete. 
Good (Life): Good "Life" Elementals are sworn never to harm a living thing, unless in defense of another living thing. They are quick in the defense of living creatures; however, they are far-sighted enough to stand aside if the destruction of what they love brings a greater good to other living creatures. They can stand technology much more easily as their evil counterparts, recognizing that nature favors those who have an advantage, and intelligence is the ultimate advantage: technology tends to be an extension of that advantage. They are quick to fight anything that serves to destroy only, and are among the most ardent foes of weapon technology. 
Evil (Life): Evil "Life" Elementals tend toward the eco-terrorist and the like. They tend to look at what is "unnatural" with even more hatred than their good counterparts, and they see technology with a special disfavor. Evil "Life" Elementals have disrupted important, lifesaving medical research because "animals were mistreated", they have burned car lots, and destroyed farms where animals are kept, regardless for fur or food. Some even push forward the destruction of all intelligent species, feeling that that is the only way the natural order will be restored. Few, if any Evil "Life" Elementals see themselves as Evil. 
Good (Death): Good "Death" Elementals despise anything that should not be alive. While they create undead to suit their goal, saying they fight fire with fire, as mentioned, they will not let the undead stay longer than they have to. Strangely enough, while they hate unnatural life and unnaturally extended life with a passion, they do not despise any attempts to extend a natural lifespan, and many believe that death can eventually be conquered with magic and technology. However, others say it's just as bad as being undead. Everything must die eventually, after all. They do not look askance upon extending ones lifespan too badly. They just tend to believe that someone's life has a natural limit... of course, they tend to be in the mind of the Elemental. 
Evil (Death): Evil "Death" Elementals tend not to respect the natural order as much as their Evil "Life" counterparts, and the two tend to be bitter enemies. They believe that all must die, for some reason or other, and are simply genocidal maniacs. They believe that death will eventually claim all, and the sooner the better. They hate living things as much as Evil "Life" Elementals hate undead. 
Opposed Elements: Life (Life opposes Anti-Life (Death) and vice versa)
Elemental Weapons: Scythe,
Effects: Drain - Regenerate

Wow…that was pretty damn cool. :cool:

Excellent:yipee: Saving this thread, thanks muchly guys.

Damn that is one detailed list. And should be very helpful.

And Eva, have you thought about using the element of ‘Void/Nothingness’. That could make an interesting magic attack or two.

Explain in detail, HS =D

The reason i prompt people to do this is so I can get a feel for the background and offence for the actual attack/magic itself and to see the many different ways i can write about it. I’m very dedicated to my novels like that:ah-ha!:

I’m not entirely sure how to put this but here goes;


It is basically the death element. It main spell being instant death. But it could also have the ability to revive the undead, in zombie form. It can also be used to deflect most other spells, by making them void (hence the term ‘Null and Void’). So it quite a powerful element.

Mages who control this element are normally evil/emotionally hurt. They have experienced death and usually on a large scale. And because of this they don’t really seem to care about anything, except pain. The only time they feel even remotely alive is when causing pain to others, by using their magic.

Hope that helps Eva.

I’ve heard of a few fantasy stories that have a “spirit” element.

Not exactly sure what that would DO, but it SOUNDS cool. :hahaha;

Originally posted by Heaven’s Soldier
[b] I’m not entirely sure how to put this but here goes;


It is basically the death element. It main spell being instant death.[/b]

If you go with Star’s system of good/evil, I think that what you just described would be the evil side.
“Creating nothingness” for the sake of destruction (making things “not there”).
Like the evil death element, except a step further, it’s not just life, it’s the existance itself that they hate.

The good side would probably be more protective (the “Null and Void” part).

Originally posted by Heaven’s Soldier
It can also be used to deflect most other spells, by making them void (hence the term ‘Null and Void’). So it quite a powerful element.

Using their powers to remove, or at least block off, dangerous and/or destructive things from people.
(Put a void between two things and they can’t reach eachother.)

But this is just some random ranting from me after I’ve been awake for waaaay too long (I think it’s somewhere around 40-50 hours now, lost count a while ago ^^;;).

So I’ll just say like I usually do:
90% of the stuff that comes out of my mouth is complete crap, so don’t pay any attention to what I say, and don’t take it seriously. :stuck_out_tongue:

And the spirit element sounds sorta like the Phantom element Eva already had…