Mages/Wizard fluff

I have yet to play all Final Fantasy games, but I was wondering: are the mages ever given more detail?
I mean, does being a mage of a determined color imply a certain education and ideals?

Do Red Mages seek to achieve absolute balance for themselves and the world?

Do Black Mages wear large robes because their magic can occasionally twist their bodies in hideous ways?

Are White Mages expected to live a nun-like chaste life?

Of course for all I know, some of these guesses could be not only wrong, but the exact opposite to what has been stated or implied in the games.

1, 2 & 3: No.

Thanks, but those were just guesses, as said. The actual question I meant to ask was: does any Final Fantasy ever give any similar information on the doctrines followed by the mages?

Again, no. Besides for following the stereotypes (Healers need to be weak girls, Warriors are burly men, etc) nobody really pays too much attention to anybody’s Class. Black mages cast destructive spells, White Mages cast helaing spells and Red Mages do half of each, that’s all.

Ah, too bad. I really like that kind of detail. That’s why I’m such an avid Warhammer Novels reader. It’s probably pretty obvious that the above is where I got the idea of possible black magicians mutations. That and a fan artwork in which tentacles could be seen crawling out from below a black mage’s robe.

They should give details about mages though.

They’re good ideas, if nothing else. It should be that way. What about Blue and Time magi?

I think that blue should have picked up monster like habits, and time should either be old people with long beards or have half their faces hidden by hoods.

and all that messing around with time should mess up their aging process.

Or have it been young kids with time magic that are really hundreds of years old.

Glad somebody thinks those were good ideas. But then some heroes would be very unhappy if the one about white mages came to pass.

If I am not mistaken, time mages (which should be called purple to contiinue the color naming trend :hahaha;) have so far come in all physical ages and were seemingly stable physically… but messing with time like that, their very minds could be affected by one such temporal instability (so that they are wise and equilibrated one moment and immature the next)

Yes, quite correct… intersting…hehehe, Boom! hehehe.

Bear in mind that I am making brutal guesses here mostly based on FFT’s classes but this is how I see each kind of spell-caster:

[li]Black Mage: They channel the forces of the multiverse and shift them into destructive spells. Black magic is usually known to being drawn from negative emotions such as rage; this doesn’t necessarily make the mage evil (Heck, look at Vivi), it just means that to cast the spells they need to concentrate in causing damage to their targets. The Ultimate Black Magic is the non-elemental spell Ultima.
[li]White Mages: Same as the Black Mage, except that they shift their power into healing magic. White magic is usually drawn from positive emotions, such as wishing their targets to recover from their wounds. There are also some exorcising spells included in this category (Dia). The Ultimate White Magic is the holy-elemental spell Holy (Which is an offensive spell… dunno how they pull that off).
[li]Red Mages: The proof that the magic doesn’t make the man. Casting is all about mind focus, and a skilled mind can manipulate it’s feelings to accommodate to the situation, therefore, there can be good Black Mages and evil White Mages. Red Mages use both kinds of magic, but since they continually need to shift their focus between harmful and helpful thoughts (Not to mention learn all the arcane casting for both classes), they can’t excel at either one of them.
[li]Blue Mages: These are a pain in the ass to classify since they seem to change every time they show up. Taking Strago Magus and the FFTA BMs as the “proper” representation of this class, these would be people who learn the skills of wild beasts and manipulate either magical forces or their own bodies to replicate them. My guess is that they learn the beast’s techniques and then use their magical power to emulate them (Therefore being able to do things like breathing fire). I don’t think they really mess up with their bodies, they just use the same kind of magic as the monsters (And monsters, as has been repeatedly shown, can very well cast magic).
[li]Time Mages: These are a mystery, since there isn’t any main character in any game that is specifically a Time Mage. Since both Black and White mages can cast time-altering magic, I suppose this isn’t so much of a class as it is an specialization, people who just focus on those kinds of spells (A sub-class of Red Mage probably). I am not sure what effect this magic can have on the long-term, but I don’t think that it would be possible to screw so much with it to affect a person’s aging, since it could be used as a mean of gaining immortality or at least fucking long life-spans, which would make people give it a lot more importance than what is shown. I hold my sub-class theory by the fact that the Ultimate Time Magic is definitely offensive: Meteor.
[li]Oracles: Ying-Yang, spiritualism, Asian symbols and all that jazz. Ying-Yang Magic is more art than magic since it involves manipulation of spiritual forces instead of elemental ones. This means that they use the strength of their own spirit instead of the universe’s energy to create phenomena. This makes sense since you see some non-magic characters using this art, like Beowulf, Malak, Rafa and even Zidane (All the Dyne skills look like Chinese/Japanese symbols). I suppose the Ultimate Ying-Yang Magic would be Grand Lethal.
[li]Summoners: This one’s easy since it is repeatedly explained. Summoners create contracts with magical spirits and use their magical energy to do their bidding. I’ll ignore FFIX “Horn” thingie since we’ve seen humans using summoning magic quite repeatedly. The Ultimate Summoning Magic changes all the time, with stuff like Knights of the Round, Eden, Ark, Zodiac and all that, but if you ask me to choose one Summon to be the supreme one, I would choose the most powerful that you always have: Bahamut.

Wow… that could work as a short FAQ. Thanks!

So Black Mages are not generally portrayed as nasty cynical and self centered guys? (I mean, aside from Vivi, naturally)

FFXI goes into detail about each and every single one of the classes during the unlocking/artifact armour quests. This includes red, black and white mages.

Could you give as a summary? Please? :hint:

Sorry, you need to play a certain job for months before hitting the levels where you get those quests, and I haven’t done so. Scour FFXI quest sites for info.

Thanks to Kingdom Hearts, I got this one little idea that might explain the Horns on summoners… Some worlds have access to the summons thru conventional magic/equipment (Say, FFIV, Rydia can call for those monsters from the land of summoned monsters, while in FFVI they are cast out from Magicite, or FFVII, materia… Bullets for FFU…)

While in worlds like FFIII, FFV, FFIX, FFT, FFTA, etc. summoners require “Horns” to contact the summoned creatures from their own worlds.

What I meant was that I’d rather ignore the existence of… whatever race Dagger, Eiko and the rest of Madain Sari were supposed to belong to (Since their horns were biological). I’d rather think that, as you said the “horn” is just a magical equipment that makes summoning easier.