They’re baaack.

I had one of those. It’s in the space between the exterior and interior walls in my garage. I was playing with it in our unfinished upstairs room, and it went down the hole. I’ll never see it again. :frowning:

I had four of them, wanted the super foot ball one, but my mom said no. :frowning:

They look REEAAALLLLYYYY creepy…Get them away!!!

Hell ya there scary!

Oh noez. Snot.

I had Aaarg, Slime Face, and I can’t remember the other two. I think one was the eye ball one, but the fourth, ummm might have been Snake Bait, not sure. I was realy bummed by the cartoon series, which was way lame.

It wasn’t a series, there were only two movies. One was “Madballs: Gross Jokes,” and I don’t recall what the other was called. Agreed, they were lame, but as a 5 year old, I watched them both some 2 or 3 dozen times a piece…

I was a big fan of the old Madballs. I’m going to have to buy them all over again. Hello, childhood! :smiley:

Hmmmm I’m pretty sure there was at least eight episodes, where the madballs left their home world of Orb to be musicians. “Gross Jokes” was kinda a short, two minute thing they had between the comercials and the return of the show. I was around 12 or 13 at the time.

I think I had a mummy ball, and I think it came with a short comic book explaining their origin about a bunch of balls falling into a mad scientist’s mysterious chemicals, and then I think they fought him.

That was the Star Comics Madball comic series. It might have come with DustBrain, but none of my Madballs ever came with a comic. I can’t remember the scienctist’s name, but his assistance was Snivelitz.

Hmm … yeah, I only BARELY remember these.

They were cool until the company decided to give them stupid bodies!

If it was a series, it didn’t air around Dallas, but the videos were released; Gross Jokes was about 30 minutes, so it could have been a collection of all of the clips from the series. The other video I remember was about their escape to become musicians, so it may have just been the first episode or two.

yep that’s what happened. The gross jokes thing was all of the in between episodes of the series. At anyrate, it was kinda stupid.

And then they ask these kids to be storywriters.

I think you are right