I just got the first season on DVD. Does anyone else here like Macgyver?

Like pretty much every other hour-long action series, Macgyver is stupid, ridiculous, and down-right silly. That’s why I love it so much.

That, and it taught me a hundred uses for a piece of string and a paper clip.

Come on, it’s not string, it’s his shoelace.
Macgyver is one of my favorite old shows.

Macgyver’s smarts came from his magical mullet

Columbo was better.

“Oh, one last thing-”

Philip Marlowe is a slightly better detective than Columbo, and is just cooler than MacGyver, although Maccy does have his ‘Magic mullet of intellenge +5.’
Be that is it may, I think well all know the true master of them all is, K-9, the Doctor’s trusty robo-dog!

You show ‘em, you goold ol’ pint-sized, pun-named pooch!

I liked MacGyver for being smart, pacifistic, and having the unbelievable ability to whip up anything out of common items. (He was anti-gun, so he had to improvise.) Thought he always looked a bit too pretty to be an action hero to me. (Of course, the actor who played him, Richard Dean Anderson, is now the badass lead of the STARGATE TV series!)

Macgyver rocked…Richard Dean Anderson is one of the few people who could wear a mullet and get away with it.


Columbo is the best TV detective EVER, I don’t see Philip Marlowe being shamelessly copied by the Law and Order: Criminal Intent guys!

Wow…I watched that show for the first time the other night with my parents…and I was totally like “that guy is trying to be Columbo.” If two people think the same thing, it must be true.

Know what the ultimate team would’ve been? Columbo and Matlock. The best TV detective ever paired with the best TV lawyer ever.

Phfff, Cops and lawyers get along like loose cannons with nothing to lose and angry black police chiefs.

I never really liked Columbo. I saw a episode or two but I never really liked it.

MacGyver pwns all other 80’s action heroes.

Nuff said.

This is kinda off topic, but some people have called me a “MacGyver Pothead”, because of my ability to make bongs and pipes out of the simplest objects. Those same people who called me that probably got it from “Half Baked”.

MacGuyver is my absolute favorite show ever. Awesome from start to finish. I also need to pick up that first season dvd. I’ll probably do that next pay check.

Philip Marlowe isn’t a TV detective, so Columbo’s status as a TV detective has little to do with this. Marlowe is copied by nearly every cop show by the way. He was one of the first ‘hard-boiled detectives,’ which means that any TV hard boiled detective is either ripping off of him or the ‘Continental Op.’ If the detective can feel pain, it ain’t the Op.
Also, any detective who wears a trench coat and a fedorah, and basically, everyone who could ever be considered a part of any noir subgenre or the noir genre, except for Sam Spade, Nick Charles, and the nameless dude from the James Cain book was a copy of him.

Why does everyone forget Knightrider? Where’s the love?

That’s exactly what I think. Plus, I love that guy’s peculiar sense of humor.

Knightrider sucked. A talking car? I’ll take duct tape and a swiss army knife over a talking car anyday.

Okay, but you have to give me the A-Team at least.