Mace Windu

Everywhere I go I see people praising what a fucking badass he is. I completely failed to notice it in Episode 1 and 2. Would someone care to explain his legacy to me?

“Which one is your lightsaber?”
“It’s the one that says Bad Motherfucker.”

They had to tone Mace Windu down for Ep 3. Otherwise it woulda being called: “Episode three: Shut the Fuck Up >:(”

You need to watch Pulp Fiction. In fact, everyone needs to watch Pulp Fiction.

Yeah but that’s Samuel L Jackson…not Mace Windu :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t think he was a badass…maybe people just assumed he would be because of the actor who plays him.


Seen the Clone Wars?

He is the angry black jedi, and in kill bill he was the piano man

I have. In that series, Mace Windu kicked the collective ass of a Super Battle Droid army BY HIMSELF. Not only that, he did most of it without a lightsaber and while being tossed around by giant sand waves from the massive stomping fortress the droids were using - which he took down himself, by the way.

Yeah, I read 8-bit too, woo. You also removed the emphasis on <i><b>Fuck</i></b> which was easily the best part of that quote, good job.

I know that it’s Samuel L. Jackson, but he wasn’t quite as bad a motherfucker when wearing a dress.

So did I, Windu kicked the crap out of an entire army and just left the scene after kindly waving at a nearby peasant boy. The scene was missing the traditional wall of fire in the background that’s usually present after a Random Black Badass blows up something, but it was still sweet. He also kicked much butt in the coliseum fight from Attack of the Clones (Got overshadowed by Yoda though) and later on force-choked the shit out of Grievous.


Anyways, my bro who is big into the series, I think he once told me that Windu is really hardcore in the books or something. So why don’t you read those, TD. :stuck_out_tongue: Besides, he’s not exactly that weak balls in the movies either. :stuck_out_tongue:

Windu didn’t simply choke Grevious, he hurt him badly (cracked ribs?) he then fought Palpatine better than Yoda did- or was that just a put-on for Anakin’s sake? I think so.

Anyway: how come some Jedi are better at some things than others? Do they have different training courses?

In Galaxies, they explain it as if each jedi learns certain skills before becoming a Jedi. Say i was good with a spear. I would have my Jedi training, but alongside that, i’d also be practicing my pikemanship, so that when i finish my Jedi training, i am a Jedi with Mastery of the Spear.

I don’t remember Mace Windu Force- choking Gen. Greivous in Ep.2 Then again, I blocked most of it out because of the “romance scenes” in it.

He’s badass in the books, definitely. Although, Lando Calrissian is still the suavest motherfucker in the galaxy.

Lando Calrissian, the finest malt beverage in all the galaxy.

And the fact that he remains at least somewhat bad while still wearing a dress is a testament to his bad mothafuckitude.

Cause hes the only Jedi who can get away with having a purple lightsaber and not look gay.

do you think mace is naturally bald or does he shave it? :moogle: