Mac OS X Leopard

Anyone else get this? Igot it yesterday and I’ve been playing around with it and I’m loving it so far. It feels like an actual system update, unlike Vista. It updates the system perfectly and you only really have to do a fresh install if you haven’t updated your OS in the 5 or 6 years, so it isn’t a big deal. Plus there aren’t any compaibility problems like with Vista, so switching is actually enticing. I got it since Apple was making some nice gains. I got a MacBook Pro since I don’t really play games on a laptop, so it was purely the system that I was looking at. Tiger was good, but Leopard is much better, especially withfull Unix certification. Anyone else get it or have impressions about it? Anyone even care?

After my nightmare of trying to get 64-bit Vista to work a few weeks ago (I had 32-bit vista before and it worked fine it just couldn’t access all my RAM, and after the ‘upgrade’ my printer doesn’t work (no drivers), I have problems with my microphone, and I still don’t get ot use all my RAM because I had to take a stick out due to some weird compatibility problem, only reason I didn’t go back to 32-bit is because I don’t want to go through the process again, at least until I need to print something. But I digress and this paranthetical statement has gone on far too long.), I’m seriously thinking about getting a Mac as my next computer in a few years. Apparently with the new intel macs you can dual-boot them for apps (and games, I won’t lie) that only work on Windows.

In all honesty though, the main thing holding me back from the mac platform though, is the rabid fanatical fanboys. I don’t want to be associated with them.

Anyway… sorry didn’t mean to hijack your thread. You may continue with OS X discussion now :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll probably get it soon since my school is offering it at the educational institution price ($69). I feel like I should hold back because of the few compatibility errors found and wait until all my programs are updated for Leopard but the new features are very enticing. Time Machine was the final reason to push me to buy an external hard drive. Did you use just upgrade or archive and install? I’m not sure which upgrade option I should use.

Since I had Tiger and it was fully updated, I just had to upgrade and it did it beautifully. The archive and install is for older versions of Mac where Leopard can’t just upgrade certain parts so it keeps all the files in a seperate folder while it upgrades and lets you copy them over later. What version do you currently have?

Rast, yeah you can easily dual boot Windows on a Mac, especially with Leopard. It has a program called Boot Camp which makes it all possible and easy. Pretty much the problems you listed with Vista is the reason I got a Mac. Program and game compatibility being the leading reason. Hell I almost abandoned Vista fter installing it since it doesn’t come with the drivers for my sound card and I had to spend several hours searching for beta drivers for my sound card and some of my extra ports (like my SD reader) still don’t work. Luckily I don’t use them that much so it isn’t too big of an issue, but the sound was major.

Yeah, I could stay with XP, but MS will eventuually leave it and be forced to go with Vista. I don’t remember quite so many problems when upgrading from 3.1 to 95.

I get what you mean about the fanatics though, they are pretty bad.

If it wasn’t for games I would abandon Windows though since Windows doesn’t have much that Mac doesn’t have that I couldn’t do with out. Vista is just that bad.

Vista not having 100% vendor support due to third party laziness sounds familiar… the same mess than happened jumping from Mac OS 9 to OS X. Same as upgrading from 98 to XP as well… however, Vista does need some fixes I will admit fully. Service pack 1 will smooth thing out a little.

All in all, I look forward to seeing how well Leopard runs as a virtual machine :wink:

Apple would be set to make a killing if they released OSX for non-apple PCs.

I haven’t gotten Leopard yet because the weather has been awful around here. I am very much looking forward to it though. I too have a macbook pro.

One of the big problems with Vista is that no one likes it so no one is making drivers for it.

I have Tiger right now but I’ve heard from a few places that the “Archive and Install” is less likely to have problems than “Upgrade”

What specific features do you find the most handy out of Leopard?

I like the idea of spaces, the slight appearance changes, the changes in icon organization on the bottom / side bar , time machine. There are tons of other features on the OS I’m sure I will enjoy greatly. I just don’t know all of them.

I like the new finder, the new look, how uch easier it is to find my files, spaces which makes working on different projects easier. I like the Unix certification, Quick Look, Stacks which makes the Dock much better. There are also some other features that I don’t know about yet, that are probably just as cool. These are just the ones that I notice that most and like the most.


Wait… so OSX didn’t have virtual desktops until now? O_o

Not to be a troll or anything, but all of the new features (at least the ones mentioned in wiki) have been around for the free unixlikes for ages already. 10.5 fails to amaze me. =/

Edit: Okay, not all of them. Most though.

It’s true… and Apple disappointed me in '05 when they closed the source of OSX (they had only opened their source in the first place to piss of microsoft I’m sure, but still) they had brought a resounding drop in respect by closing it up once again. Open source OS types are easier to find drivers for for just about any device, even if the manufacturer doesn’t make it some linux/unix/bsd fanboy/girl will make some.

Still solid though.

The fact that a bunch of things are found on linux means nothing as the vast vast majority of people who use linux are hyper introverted obsessed computer nerds.

How well does Quick Look work? I’ve been looking forward to that too.

It works pretty well, it is nice for searching for documents and works well with Spotlight. For work things…OH MY! bad Get a Mac commercial reference… It is awesome. It is easy to find documents relating to your search. It evens works well with media things like music, video, and pictures. You can search several folders at a time if you want without a problem. It is a feature that would have been nice to have when I was in school writing papers.

Also, I was messing with Spotlight earlier and it is awesome. I searched about Quick Look to see ll that it did and Spotlight brought up in Quick Look the Apple definition of it and the Wikipedia entry… pictures and all.